Why the life is so short? / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 238th.

Life seems to be so short… when taken for granted

We used to say: “Happy days go fast”, we used to refer to the past where “all was good”. Here are some of my thoughts, collected from a life experience of myself and people around on how we blame all around instead of looking close up.

Six reasons why life is so short:

6. You wake up late

Each morning hour, especially early morning hour, stands for two if compared to later day time

I have two examples as for myself:

Any mental work (stuff need to be done on a computer), creative work (drawing, writing verses) or household work (ironing, sink cleaning, etc) go much easier and faster when the city is still asleep. One may feel the difference in air – daytime hours are full of noises, vibrations and social interferences, while early morning hours fill up only with YOU, so you get more concentrated, more relaxed and much more productive for various activities you wish to do.

Buildings on a river site at daytime

Another example is related to travelling. Once we were on a short trip to the beautiful city, new for us. As waking up early was already a right norm for us – each day on that trip started at 4-5 am.

Prepare yourself, check the photos from a previous day, get dressed and ready to go outside at 6:30 am!

All the architecture, parks, fancy streets, avenues are available in early hours, while later to have a great time for relax in coffee house or a gallery. Really, I’m telling you, instead of three days of a journey I felt like being there for a week! And the most important note here – you do not need to hurry anywhere, because all the time is now yours:)

5. Too much time is spent for eating

When I started my rejuvenation program in January 2019, one of the important tasks for myself was – intermittent fasting, that is no any absolutely no any food from 6pm till 10am (16 hours for self-body healing each day!). More so, I was strict for myself to eat only on my own set hours – no snacks in between. Just from the first day of a new program I caught myself in a situation that I do not have anything to do – because usually that time was dedicated for snacks. When after some time I realized, this will be the same further, I started to fill my days with new things to do, and that how the days became longer!

Later, when I cut on coffee consumption 100% in July 2019 (because I still had one allowed to myself coffee break with delights and snacks:)), I faced again with the same situation – even more time for myself!

4. After eating the time is spent in a bathroom

More food stuff inside – more of it needs to go outside, its logical! And with coffee, because it is a perfect diuretic (a substance which increases the production of urine), one may go pee as often as an hour! Again, time goes out little by little in this way.

3. Life takes place in a head

Ask yourself: “Where do I spend my day time? Maybe in yesterday’s conversation with a friend, maybe in a line to a post office when staff was so slow that I missed a bus and got a note from a boss? or maybe in unpleasant discussion which took place a year ago? Or, at the worst, in my childhood crying for some hurt?

You got the point:) If non of the questions are yours, then:

Again ask yourself: “Where do I spend my day time? Maybe in hurry to do all the stuff I need to do today? Maybe in tomorrow day which never come? Maybe predicting the future events which spread all around?

So yes, we spend our day time in our heads – in the information which is already there or is imagined based on the information already known?

By doing this, all the gold weight time slips away day by day. We just do not capture the life while living in heads!

birds do not spend time in their heads, they spend time in their LIFE

Oh, yes, the life would seem so short if filling it only with a few memories from the past which are constantly repeated in a head, and with a few (usually horrible:)) imaginations of the future. The life is then limited to a dose of shots for years!

2. You waste your days for the activity you do not like

This includes boring studies, unpleasant job, or relationship, or surrounding, hobby which stuck, or sports which make your body to suffer.

1. But happy days pass so rapidly! No one could deny it!

Yes, it is true. And that is why:

“Happy days” pass so rapidly because we take it for granted

If comparing with “unhappy days”, for example while fasting for the first time (or just skipping snack food for the first time) – a few hours seem like a few days, like everlasting process! Or that night before surgical operation – each minute is abnormally long!!! Isn’t it so? Yes it is.

In fact, time is going its way the same speed, but the amount of attention we give to our present moment differs while on “happy” or “unhappy” mode.

Time is going its way the same speed, it is only YOU who hurry it or trying to slow down

Image with birds by Pexel. Other images and text © Dr. A. Palatronis / www.z-antenna.com

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