Herbs and greens on my balcony #4 in 2020 / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 236th.

green herbs in a square pot, top view

Herbs and greens which I grew on my balcony in 2020

What are my practical insights about growing them?


(Anethum graveolens)

Experience gained

Grows well from seeds. Hard to maintain it green during sunny summer days. Probably a shadow or partly shadow place was needed

My harvest

Just a handful before it dried on the sun. I am a busy person and those plants which could maintain themselves before I am there – only those grow well. Dill is not one of them, will not repeat with it next year for sure


Despite the fact that dill did not grow well on my balcony, I like to add it fresh to various dishes.


(Ocimum basilicum)

Experience gained

Grows very well from seeds. I covered the pot with seeds planted under an agro foil to protect against cold weather, wind and birds. Yes, from birds – a year ago almost all seeds planted in the pots on my balcony were eaten by birds! How nice:)

My harvest

In November, I still have fresh basil! I picked a few leaves time to time and added to summer vegetable salads constantly – how big is the difference when the herbs are freshly picked!

green herbs growing in a rectangle pot
First leaves of basil growing from seeds. All pot full! (sorry for a blurry photo:))
green herbs growing in two pots close to the wall
Basil in a pot, indoor

What for today about basil?

We enjoyed the dishes with fresh basil all summer and earl autumn. As it is getting colder each day, a few weeks ago I decided to plant it to smaller pots and bring indoor – with a wish to enjoy fresh basil in winter too (I heard many people grow basil on a windowsill, I decided to try too).

Now I see it was not a good idea – the plants become weak and some kind of creatures appear on the leaves, they definitely eat my basil daily now! Probably, it was so good for the plant to be on a fresh air all its life that my “care” and “love” spoiled all its well-feeling.

Could you see all those white dots on the leaves? It eats my basil!

Right now I put it back to the balcony, on a cold weather and fresh air.

No chemicals

I use no chemicals to boost its growth, only natural Bokashi fertilizer which I need to do by myself from veggie and fruit peels and other residue.

About my Bokashi composting set

I wrote the post about my Bokashi composting set and you may find it by clicking on the link Bokashi – my organic composting at home. My Bokashi composting set is in the action all year round!

If some of my readers would be interested, I bought my Bokashi online. I will receive small commissions from Amazon if you will buy a Bokashi set by following the link below:

Skaza Bokashi Organko Set (2 x 16 L) | 2 Composters from Recycled Plastic | Starter Set for Kitchen & Garden Composting | with EM Bokashi Bran 1 kg (Black-Green)

Have a question about Bokashi? – I would be happy to share my personal experience with you, just let me know in the comments below or contact me by email zet.antenna@gmail.com

This blog post is NOT SPONSORED. I purchased the Bokashi set mentioned in this post myself and feel very satisfied with this product and its positive impact to my garden.

To be continued! …

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