How to protect your Blue (Throat) Chakra from electronic devices?

What is a Blue (Throat) Chakra?

Throat Chakra, or Blue Chakra, allocated in a throat area, is the invisible filter of a human body to protect from various poisons (physical, mental, emotional, vibrational, any). It does not allow those poisons to enter the human’s inner system.

Electronic devices may impact the Blue Chakra directly and indirectly, while emotional poisons could harm the physical body.

The main ways to strengthen the Blue Chakra are practicing special yoga asanas, blue amulets, blue color in wardrobe, aromatherapy, meditation or prayer, and moderate use of electronic devices.

Ways to strengthen Blue (Throat) Chakra

In my article Blue Chakra is Your Filter, my ways to strengthen the Throat Chakra are described. This includes specific yoga asana, jewelry blue amulets, blue color in wardrobe, aromatherapy, and meditation or prayer. I have discovered one novel, but, yes, the banal method to restore the damaged filter. I call it “Stay away from electronic devices”.

One could find the information reasonable, however, the same question would arise for anybody: “If electronic devices are truly affecting the Throat Chakra and therefore our emotional and physical well-being – then how to avoid it in XXI century if THE DEVICES are all around?!”

Here are my insights on how to minimize the negative effect of electronic devices on the Throat Chakra, and therefore contribute to overall well-being!

We are talking about electronic devices like phones, TV, tablets, and/or computers.

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10 (un)seen ways to minimize the negative effect of the devices on the Throat Chakra:

1. Stretch out

Switch on your observational skills and look around how people look like when they are in contact with their phone devices (reading a message, watching a video, scrolling on social media, getting in the email). What does their posture look like

Yes, you are right, the posture of a human body while in contact with a phone could be described as hunched over, head tilted forward, a shrunken body, diminished personality.

If our forefathers from the XVIII century or before would have a look at their offspring in the XXI century, what they would see? Miserable bodies in unnatural postures worshiping and bowing to dramatically smaller in size inanimate objects! They could call us miserable and would be true!

Observe yourself:

When checking FB or other social media – where is your head? Has it changed its position from straight to tilted forward? What about a spine? Is it shrunken too?

The only way out is to stretch out CONSCIOUSLY every time you watch your phone

Or when talking with a boss on a phone? I could clearly determine anytime with whom a person is speaking even if he/she is a stranger: “Shrunken body after a phone ring – the boss is calling!” But…your boss did not tell you to shrink directly, YOU MADE IT. Unfold yourself, unfold yourself to call back your well-feeling.

The only way out is to stretch out CONSCIOUSLY every time you scroll on social media, only consciously. You may notice the difference just from the first try.

2. Use your devices for a limited time

Cut on the usage of your electronic devices (computer, phone, or/and tablet). If that is “impossible”, as most of us would claim, then read the beginning of the sentence again and apply it to your life. Yes, cut on the usage of your devices.

For the sake of not having withdrawal syndrome – first month or so, reduce the usage for 5 minutes! Or take a look at the statistics of your viewing social media – what is the average time you spend on social media? 5minutes? 36 minutes? 2 hours? Next time set an alarm for a bit shorter time and scroll your social channels according to minimized time given for yourself!

3. Minimize or do not use the devices when darkens outside

When the sun is going down – it is a time to slow down. Again, you would say it is impossible! And I agree with you – it is impossible until you are not ready to come back to Nature.

When you will be ready – then make it real. And we are here on this blog with its slogan calling to come back to Nature! Do similarly as in a previous paragraph: to minimize a withdrawal syndrome – start cutting on the usage of the devices slowly, 5 minutes less, 30 minutes less, only reading a book in the evenings…

4. Find another way to start the day

Instead of rushing towards that little monster right after awake in the morning – come up with a new idea for yourself how to start a new day.

5. Jewelry protection

As a real shield, blue amulet (neckless or pendant) could serve to minimize the impact of devices on a body.  

6. Laugh

Laugh is an accelerator of well-feeling for a human.

It helps to reduce the inner stresses (decreases stress hormones), exercises and relaxes muscles, improves respiration, stimulates circulation, increases the immune system’s defenses, elevates pain threshold and tolerance, enhances mental functioning [1].

The first celebration of Laugh Day was on May 10, 1998, in Mumbai, India, and was arranged by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement (external link)

The first celebration of Laugh Day was on May 10, 1998, in Mumbai, India, and was arranged by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement (external link)

Laugh also activates serotonin excretion and therefore contributes to better mood, overcoming anxiety and depression [2].

7. Light up a candle

In the past lighting candle was a normal thing, these days a few could say it is still working for them. A light of a candle brings warmth, calmness, the feeling of security, but also burns out the unnecessary things in the air.

Instead of burning out the Throat Chakra by constant emission of unnatural to a human’s body field of the devices – light up a candle and bring back your true energy.

8. Reconnect with the Earth

Palms and Feet

Bring your palms to the earth and stay in this position for a while, breathe deep and slowly, feel the Earth.

One may find the article in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health about Earthing and its impact on human health. While the surface of our planet is electrically conductive (except desert areas), and has negatively charged electrons (supplied and replenished by the global atmospheric electrical circuit), – human bodies maintain positively charged electrons (free radicals) which go side by side with inflammations [3]. And here is a paradox of our reality, we usually wish ourselves and others “to stay positive!” while in fact, positively charged electrons should be removed from a body!

The paradox of the upside-down reality: wishing “to stay positive” in fact means not to recharge with Nature!

You may probably hear about walking or running barefoot which brings all the benefits of reconnection with the Earth. However, for lots of us, this nowadays attraction remains unattainable for a number of reasons: how and where to walk barefoot, what a shame to bear feet in a green zone of a city, etc.

With palms, things would work similarly and it is much easier to implement. No need to walk on hands, just bring your palms to the earth.


And you may catch my thought – yes, gardening! Gardening is a great way to reconnect with Nature and recharge properly a body physically and mentally. Just notice how happy-looking gardeners are!

9. Forget your phone at home on purpose

When going for a walk or to the nearby supermarket – just forget your device at home, give it a rest! Not possible? Sure! Start from not taking it with yourself to a bathroom, then let stay inside when making sport, later go for a walk as a free human being…

P.S. Today I “forgot” it when went for an hour outside. The world still turns round! Nothing has happened! Hooray! It appeared that IT IS POSSIBLE to disconnect with the device while trying to re-connect with yourself!

10. Read books instead of scrolling on social media

In the evenings, instead of scrolling social media on phones or staring at TV screen – read a book.


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