One-man’s garden / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 222th.

dark (black) berries on brunches

A garden you grow is a piece of Paradise, and the size does not matter!:)

strawberry bush with berries among grass
Wild strawberry (lat. Fragaria vesca) is hiding among the grass
red apples in a wooden box with a hand-made tool to collect apples from a tree
Get-the-apples tool!
dark (black) berries on brunches
Black chokeberry (lat. Aronia melanocarpa), a plant of North America, naturalized in Europe
red apples hanging on two long brunches of the tree
Apple tree in its wealth and beauty
big toad on a land around some grass
The toad! Great sigh as for a garden – seems no chemicals are used there!
orange berries with long leaves in a bucket
Sea ​​buckthorn (lat. Hippophae rhamnoides)

When someone thinks that works in a garden are hard and deterrent – think about a fruit garden – a garden of your own Paradise…

Wild strawberry (lat. Fragaria vesca), black chokeberry (lat. Aronia melaocarpa) and apple tree (Malus domestica) belong to the same plant family – Rosaceae, the rose family. Other plants which belong to the rose family are plums, cherries, peaches, apricots, almonds.

And here we are! A present from a neighbor!

dark grapes and apples on a metal round tray, top view
Generous and fragrant present of autumn from a neighbor’s garden!
yellow apples on branches of a tree, garden view on a background
Generous autumn in its beauty. I’ve got apples from this apple tree too!

Have you got a garden-present this autumn? Or may be YOU have made a garden-present for someone?:)

Images by Miguel, Alisa and Carmen. Text © Dr. A. Palatronis /

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