Adzuki faba turrim (Adzuki bean tower) – for vegan-style occasions but not only!/ Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 216th.

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What would you offer for a vegan friend? a carrot??? Come on, don’t be naïve:):)

Vegans have already eaten those carrots at home, let’s make something special, well-looking for occasions and delicious for any taste and preferences!

Adzuki faba turrim – what is that?

Adzuki (or red mung bean) is a name of special beans type, faba turrim is a “bean tower” in latin!


Before you start (more info on a page 2)

Passive time

8 h + 50 min

Active time

30 min


appetizer rings 5cm diameter x 6 cm high



For note#1: 8 h in passive time are needed for soaking the beans; 50 min – for cooking the beans later

For note#2: The yield is 8 pieces of appetizer from the amount of ingredients listed in the recipe below. However, you decide – whether to eat 4 of it (possible, they are delicious!) in pair or to give as one piece of appetizer for each of your 8 quests/family members.

Basic rule: before you start you may wash/clean and drain/dry vegetables, herbs, fruits and other ingredients when needed


Ingredients for the appetizer Adzuki faba turrim. Only red bell pepper is missed on the photo!:)
adzuki beans180 g1 cup / 0.4 lb
salt1/2 tsp1/2 tsp
red radish (optional)4-54-5
olives, pitted (optional)1010
red sweet belly pepper11
dried tomatoes in oil150 g0.33 lb
basil leaves, fresh88
coriander, freshhandfulhandful
List of ingredients for Adzuki faba turrim

How to make it:

  1. Soak the bean overnight or at least 8 hours
  2. Cook the beans on a medium-to-slow heat, in salty water, for 50-60 min, then rinse and let it cool down
  3. Cut avocado, bell pepper, chop coriander, grate radishes
  4. Mix avocado with cooled beans, and separately dried tomatoes with coriander
  5. Put a baking paper on a kitchen board and start to build a bean tower:
    1. Inside the appetizer ring put layer by layer: avocado-beans mix/tomatoes-coriander mix/chopped radish or bell pepper. After each layer is in, press a handle of a ring slowly but not too heavily and continue till a top
    2. The last top layer should be tomato mix with basil leave on a top
    3. Remove the ring slowly.
  6. Serve on a plate with pieces of red bell pepper. It is ready!
Adzuki faba turrim made for the New Year party in January 2020
Adzuki faba turrim made for super evening with a family in October 2020

Important to know:

  • Adzuki beans are special: they have nutty flavor and firm consistency. So when cooked they are still rocky, but that is what we need – firm consistency to build a tower and something different from well-known taste of regular beans! Remember, this recipe is for occasion or special evening with a family
  • The board and a counter around will look a bit messy, don’t worry – it is creative time!
Bean tower in a process

Give attention and do not rush – towers could deconstruct if not properly “sealed” between layers: avocado glues beans and dried tomatoes glues the layers too

  • Remove excess of oil from dried tomatoes in oil with a napkin – the tower should not be wet through!
  • Grated radishes add some additional moisture, I prefer red bell pepper version – do not produce moisture and looks vibrant! You may add pitted olives instead of tomatoes

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