My (daily) sports / Prophylactic self-isolation series / Day 215th.

I wrote daily in parentheses because wanted to be a bit honest with you, my reader. The sports I will list below are daily now for three weeks. Before it was time to time, or daily for two weeks and then two weeks a break, so, it was not so “daily”.

So, let’s started, my daily sports!

Week daysport typedurationnotes
Mondaystretching #1 and exercises with my own weight30 minalways on a balcony, even when it is cold. The only exception is heavy rain
running 40 min5 km. I am wearing only t-shirt and shorts if 10C/50F or more
Tuesdaystretching #1 and exercises with my own weight 30 minthe same as on Monday
Wednesdaymeditation15 minfor not to bored to repeat the same exercises daily, I change the routine and change the program
stretching #2
and yoga asanas
20 min
Thursdaystretching #1
and running
30+40 minthe same as Monday
and stretching #2
15+20the same as Wednesday
aerial dance1-1.5 hstretching and power exercises, working with your own weight in air
Saturdaystretching #320 minon weekend we would like to feel a bit lazy, so I take it and spend just 20 min for stretching, however these yoga asanas are challenging and hard to make, maybe I will progress in a year or so, maybe:)
Sundaystretching #320 minthe same as Saturday

I am not bored in sports

Finally I find out for myself, changing daily sports is a good idea. By changing the sport routine on a daily basis it also allows for a body to move differently, involving different types of muscles, and it is also a challenge to do better and see the progress.

What is my progress in sports?


Stretching is the most challenging activity. Within a year on a non-regular daily basis, I now can say sitting on twine looks much better than before, but legs are still bent:)


My history of running

I am running from my 15, again, on a non-regular daily basis:) like two month ok, then three months break, half a year ok, then two years break. After each break it seems like running for the very first time: legs swell, breath is heavy, heart beating strongly, not enough air, and no patience to continue.

Running these days

This time, after three weeks of running 2x per week, I feel self-satisfaction of being tuned – all symptoms of laziness disappear and I am mostly flying, but not yet:)

Runner’s high – a great feeling I have experienced years ago

If someone know the “runner’s high” – an euphoric state which appears after prolonged running – yes, I know it. But last time I remember to have it was 10 years ago! Five kilometers are not enough to get wings:)

Five kilometers are not enough to get wings:)

What is a “runner’s high”? Here I found a description on (external link): “The triggers: endorphins. The scientists found that during two-hour-long runs, subjects’ prefrontal and limbic regions (which light up in response to emotions like love) spewed out endorphins. The greater the endorphin surge in these brain areas, the more euphoric the runners reported feeling”.


This is not a sport, but what it is? It is still a huge challenge for me, I can not do it daily, and no longer than 15 minutes. Just preparing myself, but still not ready. Time will come if practicing!

Aerial dance

a lady in black doing sport: holding a red band in the air, blue curtain back ground
At the aerial dance lesson, December 2019

Haha! Once I went to the first lesson of aerial yoga, but it appeared to be aerial dance – totally different thing!

I call it “flying tiger”:)

Anyway, I am now IN for the second year (except a lock-down period when I did not attend on the online lessons, yep, that’s not for me:))

I need to say, to handle yourself in the air with your own arms is more than a challenge! Each time I realize how heavy I am, and how weak I am, and how uncomfortable and ugly my body could feel when moving. Not all the horizons are still reached!

But that great feeling – when going to a shower all in sweat and finally one more air step is done!

one more air step is done!

What are your challenges in sports?

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