The journey in between two “storms” / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 213rd.

The statue sitting on the rails by the river

The journey to Budapest, Hungary, took place in between two “storms”: the first one was the real storm Ciara, a powerful extratropical cyclone, which has affected north Europe in February 2020, and the second one – “storm” of COVID. Fortunately, life experience says, any storm comes to an end…:)

Fortunately, life experience says, any storm comes to an end…:)

So, Budapest!

Buildings on a river site at daytime
Parliament of Budapest daytime
bun with poppy seed filling on a plate with eating utensils aside
Croissant in Hungarian style
Building at a river site, night view
Parliament of Budapest at night

Parliament of Budapest

You will not get lost along the river Danube – the views are outstanding, with a great nice buildings along two sides of the river. In fact, one could overview all the main objects to visit as a one-two day tourist just by reaching the river and looking around. However, wear a comfortable shoes! The distances are huge if going by foot:)

Croissant in Hungarian style

Tasty bun filled in with poppy seeds. I cut it in half and add a portion of butter for more pleasure. Yep, that was still a time when I ate cakes and buns time to time…

The statue sitting on the rails by the river
The Little Princess statue

The Little Princess statue

I am honest with you, the name of the statue I found only today while writing this post. When you are in the reality – there are no time for scrolling and watching the phones…

I also have found an interesting site to visit (as we are in virtual reality nowadays, mostly) and learn about statues of Budapest. Now many things make sense! But during the journey it was just a pleasure to be there, to be and be alive.

The Secrets Behind Budapest’s Statues (external link)

church gothic style, night view
Matthias church
tea box on a table at a front side with people silhouettes on a back ground
Budapest tea box
old-style library with tables and book shelves
Library of the Hungarian Parliament

Matthias church

Matthias Church is not only one of the top attractions in Budapest but also one of the most romantic places! at daytime and nighttime, both!

About Matthias church in Budapest (external link)

Budapest tea box

Lots of souvenirs in Budapest!

Library of the Hungarian Parliament

We entered it by making call reservation in advance. I am pretty sure, Harry Potter spent lots of time in this library!!!

Visiting the Library of the Hungarian Parliament online (external link)

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