Online art lesson – I’d never thought I could draw like this! / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 212th.

Drawing. a cup, an apple, two color glass bottles and a vase on a table


I love bright colors

Bright satiated colors are my passion, however, as well as blurred oil paintings of Claude Monet. Of course, when observing the painting or photo – intensity of colors play an important role, but more so, one could see the attempts of the author to pass his/her imaginative realm on a canvas or not. The colors are not enough though!

Anyway, I realized I love oil pastel for its satiated joyful footprint on a paper, it just make me happy immediately!

My drawing online lesson with oil pastel

I made an attempt to draw something more than a banal lines and circles on a blank paper, and I am happy to find this free online repository of drawing lessons with step-be-step explanation (external link): Teach yourself how to draw a naturalistic still life using oil pastels on paper

Drawing. a cup, an apple, two color glass bottles and a vase on a table
Still life by
Drawing. a cup, an apple, two color glass bottles and a vase on a table
My drawing in oil pastel

I use Caranp’ache Geneve oil pastels. Yes, they are not cheap, somehow I discovered that my experience in this life is worth to have materials of good quality, somehow after years and years of fears that I’m not worthy to handle a tool… I saved for e few months, I saved on cafeterias!, and bought a great tool – I gain now the key to creativity.

How do you like it?:) Would like to try it too?:) Let me know in the comments!

This blog post is NOT SPONSORED. My only aspiration is to share valuable information with you

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