Sushi with whole, wild and red rice! / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 209th.

cooked rice in a glass bowl with spoon and filler aside


– You even deny vegan sushi? Why???

– Because I do not want to be junkie vegan, I just want to eat healthy:)

internal dialogue with oneself

I would really like to go deeper into this particular topic about naked rice – rice without husks – and share with you what I have learned and realized, lets say, I hope to make a post named “Why sushi is not sushi” on Friday, October 23, 2020 in rubrics Al’chemist on Fridays.

After (AFTER!) I discovered my healthy (much healthier) version of sushi last week – sushi with whole rice, I read on internet about sushi with brown rice. Lots of people do not like it because of specific, not common taste, – my version is different. The taste of my-made sushi exceeded the expectations of a gourmet!

unfood yourself:

I discovered my own version of sushi while being hungry (I make it to myself time to time – skip food for letting the digestion tract to rest and digest what is still there:)

So, I was hungry for a half of a day, making my imagination about food product combinations very intensive, and a right combination of delicious sushi has appeared! Let’s call it Wild black sushi (because of the wild rice variety in the ingredient list).

Here it is!


Before you start (more info on a page 2)

Passive time

8 h + 50 min

Active time

30 min


steamer pot, organic cotton milk bag, bamboo sushi mat, blender with multi-mill chopper or just blender, small scoop (optional)



Basic rule: before you start you may wash/clean and drain/dry vegetables, herbs, fruits and other ingredients when needed


whole-grain !wild! rice70 g0.5 cup
whole-grain !red! rice80 g0.5 cup
dried tomato in oil200 g0.45 lbs
shiitake mushrooms25 g0.05 lbs
garlic2 cloves2 cloves
green chili pepper11
ghee butter50 g0.1 lbs
fresh ginger2 tsp + 10 coin-size slices2 tsp + 10 coin-size slices
fresh herbs: rosemary, sage, thymehandfulhandful
nori seaweed sheets44
short cucumbers22
tamari sauce20-40 ml0.6-1.4 oz
water to dilute tamari sauce20-40 ml0.6-1.4 oz
List of ingredients for Sushi with whole rice, wild and red

How to make it:

  1. Soak rice for at least 8 h or overnight
  2. Rinse it and cook in a steamer pot, putting into a nut milk bag for 40-50 min
  3. Let rice to cool
In a meanwhile rice is cooking…
  1. Soak shiitake mushrooms in water
  2. In a meanwhile, sauté cut onion till lightly brown color, then add minced garlic, cut green chili pepper without seeds
  3. Add cut herbs, 2 tsp (or more as you wish) of minced ginger and immediately remove from heat – ginger and fresh herbs should not be cooked!
In a meanwhile onion filler is cooling…
  1. Cut cucumbers in small strips so that it would be good size to add to sushi roll
  2. Rinse mushrooms and chop it together with cut slices of dried tomato in a multi-mill chopper, or blender
  3. Add onion filler into a mass and mix in a blender (chopper) once again
  4. Add the onion-mushroom mass to cooled rice and mix well
Let’s roll it!
  1. Spread rice-onion-mushroom mass on a bamboo mat. I use 5-6 small scoop for one nori sheet
  2. Add cut cucumber on a top and roll it!
  3. Slice the rolls and serve with fresh sliced ginger and diluted tamari sauce
cooked rice in a glass bowl with spoon
Preparing sushi filler. Looks like already ready delicious dish, isn’t it?:)
rice and sliced cucumber on a nori sheet on a bamboo mat
Ready to roll it!
Sushi rolls on a wooden board with tamari sauce aside
Wild black sushi is ready!

Important to know:

  • Tamari sauce does not contain flour if comparing with soy sauce
  • Usually tamari (as well as soy sauces) are very high in salt – that is why I dilute it with water. In my case, I have tamari sauce with salt concentration 10 g per 100 g of the product – that is too much, well, even 5 g/100 g is too much, but anyway, let it be 5:)
  • “Red” rice is different than “brown” rice, as well as “wild” rice is different than “black” rice
  • For those who have no rice cooker pot and have difficulties with cooking rice – nut milk bag for steaming is a great option! be sure you use organic cotton bag!!!
  • I need to say, I have rolled my own sushi at home for the first time. I grabbed just the first YouTube video available and watched the procedure there. Here it is:
How to Roll Sushi: Basic and advanced cooking technique

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