Herbs and greens on my balcony #3 in 2020 / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 208th.

herbs in a big pot on a balcony

Herbs and greens which I grew on my balcony in 2020

What are my practical insights about growing them?

Bay plant

(Laurus nobilis)

Experience gained

I bought a small plant at a market and planted it to my balcony pot, – three times I made it again and again – each time plants dried. Lastly I realize – a pot should be much bigger than the already developed root block!

My harvest

Now, when the root system of a plant feels great – I see new leaves are growing constantly during all summer and even autumn. The plant is higher, feels healthy and satisfied.


It is a big pleasure to use it later in my recipes:

Spicy veggie bouillon in 10 minutes

Marinated mushrooms, mmm…

Herb plant in a pot standing close to a white wall
Bay plant in a pot,. It is 50 cm (20 inches) high!


(Origanum vulgare)

Experience gained

The same situation as with peppermint or bay plant – it is better to plant Oregano in larger pot. But contrary to peppermint – oregano likes friendly neighbors in the same large pot – lavender and rosemary! Grows well in a partly shadow place. I use pine tree mulch to cover the soil, as for sun not to dry it too fast

My harvest

If planted properly – with enough space for roots – grows amazingly well. Even after I cut all the stems in the beginning of August – the new stems appeared and there are still small new stems growing in October


Hummus my way

Salad 1-2-3 tasty things

I love fresh oregano!

You can find all recipes on my website!

Rosemary, Oregano and Lavender experiencing a good neighborhood in one pot. Pine tree mulch is good to keep the soil moist and not overdried

Herb plants in a pot on a balcony
in May 2020
herbs in a big pot on a balcony
in September 2020

No chemicals

I use no chemicals to boost its growth, only natural Bokashi fertilizer which I need to do by myself from veggie and fruit peels and other residue.

I’ve got a present!

Last week I got a gift from a friend of mine, fresh bay leaves and oregano were there too!

About my Bokashi composting set

I wrote the post about my Bokashi composting set and you may find it by clicking on the link Bokashi – my organic composting at home. My Bokashi composting set is in the action all year round!

If some of my readers would be interested, I bought my Bokashi online. I will receive small commissions from Amazon if you will buy a Bokashi set by following the link below:

Skaza Bokashi Organko Set (2 x 16 L) | 2 Composters from Recycled Plastic | Starter Set for Kitchen & Garden Composting | with EM Bokashi Bran 1 kg (Black-Green)

Have a question about Bokashi? – I would be happy to share my personal experience with you, just let me know in the comments below or contact me by email zet.antenna@gmail.com

This blog post is NOT SPONSORED. I purchased the Bokashi set mentioned in this post myself and feel very satisfied with this product and its positive impact to my garden.

To be continued! …

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