How and why to eat raw broccoli? / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 204th.

two raw broccoli plants on a black background


Even if you are not a raw vegan, it is good to know the benefits of raw vegetables, right?:) Today we will talk a bit about broccoli and its positive impacts on well-feeling!

Scientific knowledge about broccoli:

Broccoli (Brassica oleracea) has a sulfur-rich naturally-occurring compound called sulforaphane which is known for its benefits to health. Other vegetables, which contain sulforaphane are cabbage and bok choy.

Bok choy, cabbage and broccoli are the main sources of sulforaphane

In a whole intact vegetable, sulforaphane is found in its inactive form – glucoraphanin.

Sulforaphane is activated only when glucoraphanin (inactive form of sulforaphane) comes into a contact with myrosinase – a special enzyme that plays its role in a defense response of plants.

Myrosinase enzymes are only released in a contact with air, in other words, when we cut, chop or even chew the vegetable.

Enzyme myrosinase activates sulforaphane when cut and in contact with air

two raw broccoli plants on a black background
Fresh raw broccoli plants

The process of sulforaphane activation and getting its maximum amount needs some time. That is why it is advisable to let it stay on a counter for an hour or so after the vegetable is cut – the process of activation is on!

Let it (cut or chopped raw broccoli) stay on a counter for an hour – the maximum amount of activated sulforaphane is guaranteed!

Raw sulforaphane-rich vegetables have highest levels of sulforaphane. Cooked, frozen or grilled vegetable is useless in regards to sulforaphane, because the enzymes (myrosinase) would be destroyed by high temperature (1).

Raw vegetables have highest levels of sulforaphane

Some sources advice to steam raw broccoli shortly – you may, but the enzymes will be destroyed partly, not all. The maximum benefit and power is in raw vegetable.

Well-feeling benefits of broccoli as a source of sulforaphane:

  • Stimulates immune system (2, 3)
  • Shows potential in dealing with cancer, including breast and prostate cancers (4)
  • Plays a protective role against vascular complications – heart diseases (5)
  • Shows antidiabetic effects (5)
  • Protects skin against UV radiation damage (6)
  • May protect against brain (nerves) damage and autism (7, 8)

Well-feeling benefits of broccoli as a source of natural fiber:

  • Reduces constipation!

You may find my raw-broccoli recipes here:

2-ingredient broccoli salad

vegetable salad in a bowl with a spoon and plate with cut feta cheese aside The salad “Broccoli meets red bell pepper”


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! The conclusions drawn and the assessment of the health benefits/risks are restricted to information appearing in the scientific literature.

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