How to help yourself by helping other creatures / Emotional diet series / Prophylactic self-isolation series/ Day 196th.

Great way to stabilize a day. Great way to be OK

by Dr. A. Palatronis

Part 12 from X

Well-feeling induces well-being (well-eating) and one should work on it daily

Ingredient for Emotional diet / to make it within the next 7 days

ActivityWhat to do?DurationScore
help other creatures rescue an insect from a bucket with water, take care of injured bird, move an insect from a room to the outside, warn children not to break tree branches, help a cat who is stuck somewhere in between, etc10 sec – few months5-50
One of the activities to increase emotional stability and well-feeling

Why Helping other creatures is so important?

By helping other live creatures you accept the LIFE in its essence. The universe is there too, to see you doing the great things. At the moment when we remember: “This life is only one”, – we could appreciate it, the life, in any form, even if it is a tiny ugly insect on your floor.

This life is only one for each of us, – for a bird, an insect, a human being. We all are equal

I would say – when you save someone’s life, or help someone who is dramatically smaller and powerless than you, – the inner feeling of being great comes to you.

when you help someone who is dramatically smaller than you and powerless, – the inner feeling of being great comes to you

You may share your experience on social media, or you may not – any expression works well. The fact of being great stays with you and encourage others to follow your way, to seek to be kind and attentive to the surrounding.

The story of one pigeon

A friend of mine saved the severely injured pigeon, brought it to a veterinarian, now takes care of him.

severely injured pigeon, just rescued
happy pigeon – he is recovering!
the pigeon’s tail is growing day by day to compensate the lost wing. He would probably become a peacock one day! 🙂

Yes, love and involvement cure all the things. I have never met the human like her before. I see infinite love as a powerful beam of light in her eyes, love to a living creature, I am (positively:)) affected by this light too!

The story of one kitty

Another friend of mine is an activist in practice – helping injured cats on a regular basis, every day! She rescues injured cats and kitties, brings them to veterinarians, pay her own money for veterinarians when needed, collects donations for animal food, posts on social media to find new homes for rescued animals. Right now I wrote her: “You are the creator, your power is infinite”.

I wrote her: “You are the creator, your power is infinite”

A year ago, a small kitty was injured in a car accident. He needed veterinarian help, his leg was broken and a doctor used pins as an implant in the leg. A year after you would not recognize the same creature! The power of love is infinite, I see it!

injured kitty – the leg was broken and needed a surgery
happy kitty after a year – totally recovered and at his new home:)

I am the follower of these friends of mine

I am the follower of these friends of mine. “The follower” I mean, any next moment of my life I try to be kind to the life creatures around. I won’t say I was not before, but now I add a piece of love to each of my rescued insect.

now instead of just rescuing, – I blow in a piece of love to each of my rescued insect by wishing it a great day and sending GOOD:)

Lots of people are talking about doing good, lots of people are showing they are doing good, but the true LOVE to a living creature is something else, is something special.

It is impossible” syndrome

Here are some continual phrases and social comments-in-mind which block the perception of the well-being, they block the perception of well-being:

“Oh yes, but those bugs are terrible and ugly! No way for them in my apartment!”

“There are special veterinarian services who collect and take care of wild/urban animals – me not, – wild/urban animals are dangerous, they could be infected or aggressive”

About spiders: “I’ve been killing so many of them, it’s been ridiculous” or “I killed 2 last night, they are bad this year”

Have you recognized your statements???

I personally was involved…

I was involved in the conversation about “ridiculous spiders”… I realize I can not save all the spiders around the world, the only thing it was possible for me to do is to be kind, to be kind to people too.

That why I posted the following (and it was my virtual attempt to rescue the insects):

“We live with spiders for years. I clean the nets and they start to make them again – a life circle:) In our country it is known that spiders bring wealth to the home where they have decided to live:)

After some time we started to understand that wealth is not only about money! Because we are still waiting for it!!!:))”

This friendly post induced friendly replies, and I hope, at least a few insects were saved somewhere because of this impulse.

Well being is right here, but very often we deny to accept it

Dr. A. Palatronis

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