Herbs and greens on my balcony #2 in summer 2020 / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 194th.

Herb plants in a pot on a balcony

Herbs and greens which I grew on my balcony in 2020

You may read my previous post about my balcony gardening 2020 by following the link Herbs and greens on my balcony #1 in summer 2020 / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 173rd.

What are my practical insights about growing herbs on a balcony?


Experience gained

Grows bad in a tiny pot (on the picture below it is my third of forth rosemary plant – now in a large pot). Several times I bought small rosemary plant and put it into a medium-size pot. However, all those times it dried, was not rooted and looked weak. Only large and deep pot works well for my rosemary! It grows now with oregano and lavender together, composing a nice fragrant bush!

My harvest

I cut periodically branches of it, and it starts to grow again again, making a rich bush which looks nice and feels well.

Where to use it?

I use branches for cooking and cosmetics. You may read about my dishes with young potatoes, such as Goodbye, potatoes! #2.

Cosmetics? I use fresh rosemary branches for making all-natural hair conditioner!

Find this simple recipe in the future post this Friday, September 25, 2020 (Al’chemist on Fridays section)

Young orchestra: lavender, oregano and rosemary (white Astilbe plant is on a background) in July 2020
Rosemary bush in September 2020
Rosemary branches for home-made cosmetics. SO pity computer does not transfer smells (yep, it is only to communicate in a visual dimension) – aroma is amazing!


Experience gained

The quality of seeds rule! I truly believe that the quality of the seeds was poor – my parsley grew as slow as possible and appeared in a form of weak sprouts. Even after more than a few months it did not grow strong enough.

My harvest

I cut it once in July – new ‘adult’ leaves appeared after 2 months, in September. Minimized tray number from 3 to 1, because it just occupied place on a balcony and needed watering without any obvious results


‘Celery splash’ drink

Napa salad

‘Lemon greens’ drink

You can find all recipes on my website!

I bought the seeds from a supermarket, in late March 2020, when the panic about covid was just started to show up in supermarkets. Instead of toilet paper or pasta – I grabbed a bunch of seed packages, just any.

That was a mistake – buying seeds requires attitude and time to choose really good ones

parsley growing in trays on the balcony, June 2020
parsley growing in a tray on the balcony, September 2020 (my strawberries are on a foreground)

To be continued…

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