Painting with watercolors after 25 years / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 191st.

Just have the desire and the magic will happen

It is around 25 years since I was painting with watercolors. These days I decided to give it a chance and try again:) Luckily, nowadays online tutorials are available for almost any topic of interest – just have the desire.

So I started from a blank page and the magic has happened!

My tutorials for watercolor techniques

13 Watercolor techniques by Mr. Otter Art Studio

In this tutorial you will learn 13 watercolor techniques that can help you create texture and different affects in your watercolor paintings. If you are a beginner this tutorial is for you! You will learn how to create a flat and gradated wash, how to lift off the paint, mask the surface, use sgraffito to scratch into the paper, dry brush techniques, rubber cement, rubbing alcohol, salt and wet in wet techniques as well as how to make a tree using a straw!

Little Known Watercolor Painting Technique That’ll INSTANTLY Create Depth! by Makoccino

In this video you will learn a simple watercolor painting technique that you can try out to create depth in your watercolor paintings! For this technique we’re going to use the wet on wet and the wet on dry watercolor technique!

and Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners | Wet in Wet Technique by Makoccino

3 easy watercolor painting ideas for beginners step by step that you can use to practice the basic watercolor painting technique: wet in wet! I will learn how to paint different types of sunsets such as an ocean sunset & how to paint a galaxy with watercolors!

How to make it happen if the “inner I” resists even to try

I need to say, it is not easy just to try, it is almost impossible because of “inner brake”. It seems that “I am not good enough, I can not paint like Claude Monet, the result of my drawing will be ugly, it will not be the same good as in a tutorial”, and so on, and so on…Do you know this feeling?

So, we made it together with friends to have fun. I wrote for the friends of mine to join the tutorials and we shared the results after a week. And I hope we will do it again!

The results that make you feel uplifted

The magic of creation is just like this – you make it by yourself and now you feel great. What could be more valuable for a day? You feel great – that is all you actually need!

Honestly, I was not very satisfied when compared my results with the tutorial drawing, but, who cares?:) Who cares?:) The process of creation is like this – any result is incomparable, because it is unique. The moment you create something – you make it unique.

The moment you create something – you make it unique

My after-thoughts

The paper for watercolor is important. I used 480 g/m2, but it could be 300, I guess not less. Because it is watercolor, the watercolor paint need lots of water to catch the pigments of colors, so the type of paper is important.

I liked two techniques: salt technique and wet-in-wet technique. For me they seem as amazing possibilities to draw things.

Next step would be trying to paint something using salt or wet-in-wet techniques. Lets see later:)

This blog post is NOT SPONSORED. My only aspiration is to share valuable information with you

Drawings by Carmen, Dilek and Alisa. Photo(s) by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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