Are you an energy vampire? / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 189th.

Important disclaimer for this particular blog post:

For the friends of mine: This blog post has nothing in common with today’s sunny day, my current great personal surrounding or my today’s uplifting mood. Just the idea to write on this topic has been matured for a few months already.

For any reader: The observations and findings are based on my personal practice while working in a pharmacy, and also based on my world outlook as an empath (a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual). Observing people and their behavior, relationship, daily life routine or meetings gives some kind of psychological practical background for the interpretations. Though a degree in pharmacy gives the basics of psychology as a knowledge, the author pay your attention that this blog post should not be treated as any kind of medical diagnosis, advice, treatment, etc. For more info please read the Disclaimer.

Stay away from an energy vampire – that what the media tells us

All blogs and videos are talking the same – stay away

Too many blog posts, YouTube videos and other social media sources are talking about “energy vampires”. There are plenty of ways already proposed about “how to spot and deal with an energy vampire”, “slay the energy vampires”, “avoid being drained by energy vampires”, “how to behave in the surrounding of an energy vampire” and lastly, “how to get rid of an energy vampire”.

Internet is full of “Signs to identify an energy vampire”

One story was different

I have seen only once how the energy vampire was healed, was healed by LOVE, and not by denial. However, the story took place in a parallel reality – in a serial called Sherlock, created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (original release 2010-2017). In the last series, Sherlock, the main actor, saves the life of his best friend and others, but what is of most importance – he saves the soul of his younger sister, the paranoid person, who’s inner fears and mental confusion have created an enormous physical and  psychological suffers for her family and even the entire society. Love, her brother’s true love, bigger than universe and stronger than any possible forces, saved her soul, and little by little she started to recover…

Most of the stories in a real life are sad

The “happy end” for an energy vampire is different in a real life stories, because as soon as someone would identify other person as an energy vampire – the most common and rational piece of advice is: “stay away from an energy vampire”.

Lots of people are happy to give their blood as donors and post their exploit on social media, but no one wants to be an emotional donor for those who need the emotional support.

Lots of people are happy to give their blood as donors and post their exploit on social media, but no one desires to be an emotional donor for those who need the emotional support

I have never seen in the real life, that someone would save an “energy vampire” before he/she incinerates him/herself and all around. Most of people prefer, and advice to “stay away from an energy vampire”. Yes, you should stay away, if you are psychologically and mentally weaker than that energy vampire, and, in most cases, we are, we are weak…

There are not enough LOVE in us, we forgot how to love a human being.

What is on the opposite site? Maybe it is you?…

However, have you ever think that someone from your surrounding would take it seriously and would identify YOU as an energy vampire? Ohou! That is another side of the same coin! Or maybe you can take a moment and try to feel how “an energy vampire” should feel left alone?

have you ever think that someone from your surrounding would take it seriously and would identify YOU as an energy vampire? Ohou!

One should realize that any “energy vampire” is not a monster, but a human being. A human being who has been caught by him/herself in psychological traps or unenviable life circumstances…

Some signs/situations, according to which one could identify him/herself as an energy vampire:

  • some people speak with you shortly and disappear
  • you have a good friend, but in fact you do not know anything what is happening in his/her life. Scene: you ask “how are you?” and continue your own talks without hearing an answer. You really do not know how was your friend’s/colleague’s yesterday, weekend, or any important event. You really do not care, or you think that you care just by asking “how are you”
  • opposite story – someone avoids telling you anything about him/herself for a reason to protect good emotions. Someone prefers to share good emotions with others, but not with you
I am alone in my world, I need you

  • you know absolutely everything about someone, each detail of a party or event, how he/she was dressed, what he/she ate, what people he/she met and talked to, how those people respond, what he/she is now thinking about this or that in details, etc. The reason one knows too much in details is because one thinks his/her friend is living better, is happier, healthier, richer, lucky, etc. For this reason one has a desire to “absorb” all that goodness by constant physical and psychological intervention to other’s’ private zone. For the same reason, one could understand now why some people avoid to tell a lot – they have already identify you as an emotional vampire, while you still not
  • you cannot withstand if someone else is talking or showing other signs of attention to your particular friend. You feel disadvantaged and now trying to compensate a lack of attention -interrupting in a talk where you were not welcomed
  • someone is constantly consoling you, – that is because of one reason – you are always complaining
  • you constantly feel much better after meeting/talking with a particular person, but next day/next time that particular person tells you he/she had a terrible day/severe headache last time (that time when you felt better)

How to pull out yourself from a state of being an energy vampire?

  • You probably put all your attention to the external world

You probably put all your attention to the external world, its’ physical and psychological aspects: hard job, fatigue, bad relationship with people, constant external irritants blow your mind, loneliness. This is how we feel in a cage – tired to get out, lost and forgotten

  • Meditate
  • For a day, for a moment, for a few minutes – explore your internal world, something what is known only for you and created by you – your soul
  • Take your body to Nature, stay for an hour in a park, in a forest, in a garden
  • Start taking care of plants, create a small garden of herbs or flowers to bloom, invite a butterfly to your garden, invite a butterfly to visit your garden
  • Start taking care of Nature, go and clean some Nature’s plot from plastic garbage and do not post it on social media, do it only for yourself and for Nature – let it be your small secret with Nature
  • You probably feel like a lion locked in a cage – but the door was always open, just go out, go out of the cage, step out of the circle which brings you suffer and fatigue, make a different step towards a new day, find your way to live a real life

You probably feel like a lion locked in a cage – but the door was always open, just go out

  • Next time – after asking “how are you?” – listen to that person, you will be surprised but other people also need help and support, your help and support
  • Next time – if you were constantly interrogating that other person – stay still and ask less, just ask less questions and try to find general topic for a conversation: weather, hobby, sports, and physics, anything not personal
  • Next time – if other people are talking and you feel a duty to interrupt – just be still, find inside harmony and just listen
  • Next time – is someone has a headache constantly after meetings with you – tell you are busy and cut on meetings with that person – let him/her to restore his/her inner energy and be ready to meet you later with joy and good vibes

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