Goodbye, potatoes! #2 / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 188th.

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Goodbye, potatoes! But why?… Because for the second year we try to keep on a well-food, food which is a source of a good energy and keeps the mind fresh.

As I wrote in a previous post Goodbye, potatoes! #1, potato story as “a food not to consume” is long and complicated. I would not expand here about it but the “potato story” is on my list and I hope to release it in a month or so. Today we will focus attention only on the tasty recipe itself.

we generally eat potatoes in summer or early autumn, but not other time, because…

because we try to keep the mind and body fresh and energetic

The recipe below is the second version of my Hasselback potatoes, and it is dangerously tasty maybe because of garlic and onions too…:) On the opposite, I have already wrote an article about onions and garlic and their impact on mental health Prophylactic self-isolation for Mister Garlic exaltation. Day 62nd.

You can skip onions and replace it with grated ginger – along with some other spices it makes the taste well even without onions.

Anyway, anyway, if you eat potatoes, onions or garlic – let’s make it enormously tasty and enjoy the process!

Step 3 Fresh flavors
  1. Ten minutes before ready, add red peppercorns, rosemary and bake with aluminum foil removed
  2. Serve on a heat resistant plate

It is ready!

I have also described another recipes with young potatoes and you are welcome to read them on my blog:

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