My prophylactic self-isolation sees its 6 months / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 183rd.

It is already half a year publishing daily in series Prophylactic self-isolation

I entered WordPress blogging a year ago, in August 2019

I have already published 212 posts on miscellaneous topics, including healthy food, emotional well-being, Nature environment and pollution, moments of personal creativity, sports, fasting, gardening, and others.

I started to publish DAILY

… when COVID entered the country where I live now. I started to publish daily to overcome uncertainty, fears, emotional instability and just not to lost myself in a global chaos. At the same time, it was (and still is) my written/illustrative support for those who are all this time with me, who took a time to read and go deeper.

I am publishing for you the series Prophylactic self-isolation

I feel great that people out there would now know my new recipes (vegan/vegetarian), may read the posts on Emotional diet (Emo-C) which have an intention to balance “food” and “emotional” bodies (read about it in Emotional Valley section), may think deeply about the plastic pollution in Nature matters section and how each of us contribute (positively and negatively) to it, may start the process of unlocking creativity and much more…

Each time I press the button “Publish” or ‘Scheduled” – I feel great

Each time I press the button “Publish” or ‘Scheduled” – I feel great!

Maybe even someone goes to About page to read why I am here on WordPress…

Within 6 months of my Prophylactic self-isolation series I have posted 182 posts, while half a year before (pre-covid time), the same 6 months were as productive as only 30 posts.

Your kind comments for my blog

I have received kind and warm feedback from people, and that elevates me, and supports me to continue blogging:

thanks to the author for taking his clock time on this one

Cyrstal Farrin commented on the post Prophylactic self-isolation for emo-C evaluation. Day 161st.

Very efficiently written article. It will be supportive to anyone who employees it, as well as myself. Keep up the good work – looking forward to more posts.

Myesha Tremaine commented on the post Prophylactic self-isolation for forgiveness and liberation. Day 56th.

Thanks for another informative blog. Where else could I get that type of information written in such a perfect way? I’ve a project that I’m just now working on, and I’ve been on the look out for such information.

Evelynn Scelba commented on Prophylactic self-isolation for happiness appreciation. Day 138th.

Many thanks for all who have commented on my blog – it like an elixir of goodness to my soul!

What about earning on WordPress?

Those who are in – knows, WordPress supports bloggers and there are multiply ways to earn from the blogging. I have earned 0.02 US dollar within a year:) I am a bad manager of my blog! Strongly bad!!!:)

Who helped me with English

One friend of mine, English native-speaker, helped me at the beginning of my blog, she helped me enormously. Because I was afraid to write, I was afraid to write and make mistakes in words’ meaning, sentence structure, etc. She checked, corrected and gave notes on each of my blog post daily, within a month or so, until I have gained self-confidence and practice in writing. She told me again and again, I am good to go, and my posts are better and better each other day because I learn from the mistakes quickly.

I highly appreciate your help, my dear friend! Thank you for your great support and involvement – you are the part of my progress and daily inspiration, an inspiration which gains a form of a blog post:)

“How much followers do you have?”

The same friend of mine once asked me: “How much followers do you have?” The question confused me, because I did not know, i was just posting, knowing for sure that she and a few friends of mine are getting notification about a new post, but I never was curious “how much followers I have” – that is strange, isn’t it? But I have an answer, I was writing for myself, to release and liberate myself, that was enough for me. Do need more traffic? Maybe:) But, as Renard’s World has mentioned in his post This Is What Twelve Years Of Blogging Have Taught Me:

It is better to have two hundred people that interact with you and your blog regularly than to have two thousand people that do not interact with you or never finds the time to read your blog posts

Renard’s World

My greatest weakness

My greatest weakness (or strength?) is that when I start to write – I can not stop. Any topic is endless for me, in my mind I am going and going on on and on. Some posts I am writing for 6-8 hours, usually 2-4 hours, some posts come in an hour, but never less.

That is OK to write long reads, but people are not reading those longs…We can not concentrate on reading, I know it by myself!

As today, I supposed to write just shortly:

Today is 6 months of my writing on Prophylactic self-isolation series

Look how it already looks like! Long long read!

Does anyone can help me with it?:)

Even for a food recipe I find what to add more, more info about the product (but not the trite info about calories). I try to add not standard or “googled” info, but something new and unknown, let’s say “new way to know”.

I am grateful

I am grateful you, my reader, take time to look through my daily posts, I am grateful when you go through the MENU and find some valuable information for you, I am grateful when you cook according to my recipe, thank you thank you thank you!

thank you, my reader!

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