Toilet paper alternatives / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 176th.

I have reduced the usage of toilet paper dramatically after watching the video by Rob Greenfield (1), an activist and humanitarian dedicated to leading the way to a more sustainable and just world:

From growing your own toilet paper, to cleaning with water, to methods for cleaning up in the woods… this guide has you covered. There’s no need to have trees cut down, fossil fuels burned and water wasted for you to wipe your butt anymore!

Motivation based on “save the world” does not work in fact for many of us, sadly, … and if so, what about your “civilized energy” – your money to be saved?

10 ways to wipe for free explained in the video above and blog author’s notes:

10 ways to wipemy notes
Grow your owntalking about plant Plectranthus barbatus as a substitute for toilet paper, one should go a bit dipper in its origin and uses (see more info below this table)
Leaves traditional method while camping, etc:)
Dumpster dive at pharmacies probably works in US only. For the best of my knowledge, in Europe, any damage package will be just sold with a discount – no loss for business, never!
Smooth stones would work while camping
Pick up unused napkins or rather grab your own after visiting food restaurants
Cloth wipes depends on which cloth you may use. Cotton would work well, but not synthetic ones like polyester. In her post about switching to cloth wipes, Kathleen Quiring explains how to make and re-use cloth toilet paper (external link): Our Switch to Cloth Wipes (a.k.a. Cloth Toilet Paper)
Newspaper most of nowadays newspapers are “soaked through” with chemical dyes, would not try this
Use a bidet great great option
Use a bum gun great great option too, much cheaper than a bidet but the using procedure is similar. Probably could be installed close to any toilet but the plumber’s service or do-it-yourself master is necessary!
Kettle by the toiletgreat great option, no installation needed:)

About Plectranthus barbatus

Plant Plectranthus barbatus, photo source:

It does not mean that wiping a butt with these leaves would cure any disease or affect fertility directly, but one should appreciate the fact that natural materials are more complicated than you may think.

In medicine, the plant is used for intestinal disturbance and liver fatigue, respiratory disorders, heart diseases and certain central nervous system disorders, even tested for curing HIV/AIDS. The studies also show its abortifacient and contraceptive effects (3-6).


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Full texts of some scientific articles from the reference list

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