Never give up! Or better give up and reborn? / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 170th.

Never give up!

That is what we here all around. But what is our reality by following this statement? Anxiety, tiredness, frustration of not being strong and not being enough motivated, depression and sadness, craving food and maybe drinking alcohol to forget ourselves…

Give up and reborn!

I just gave up drawing A HAND and just gave up to continue learning from one online drawing course (I have registered for a few of them) because any other drawn hand was UGLY! (see the drawing on the left, smaller one). I just gave up and decided not to feel quilty about it, just like that! Yes, Im not consistent, yes Im not good at drawing characters, even just a part of it, and so what? Nothing! 🙂 Nothing wrong with it, you know:)

Quess what happened?

By accident (or not by accident:)) I entered a new course a few days ago, and I DRAW A HAND! and it looks well done! (a hand on the right, bigger one)

Give up and reborn! Give up and let it go!

This is a kind of experience I never have had before: I gave up consciously and let it go without any feeling of being quailty, without any “psychological punishment” for myself.

Exercise for drawing hand during one online course
Sketch 1 from another drawing course.
We drew our own left hands in different positions.
Sketch 2 from another drawing course.
We drew our own left hands in different positions.

What was my surprise when the same issue came from another corner? – I have re-born, I made it!

Something what is yours will come to you anyway, but something what you carry in your head as “must be” could never come.

Let it go and enjoy the day!

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