8 signs of good immunity and 3 steps to boost it!


I watched this video a week ago, and within the week have increased my immunity scores from 5 to 7! Great result!

These two great young persons form India make me proud of the World we live in.

Description: Amidst these difficult times, everyone is trying different ways to increase their immunity. Have you wondered how you will know if your immunity is actually improving? When we tried to find out, we realized that there is no blood test in the world which measures our immunity level. While learning the ancient knowledge of nature cure, we studied the 8 powerful signs of good immunity. The best thing about these signs is that you don’t need anybody else’s help, you can make your own immunity scorecard in just 5 minutes. In the first part of this video, you will learn the 8 signs and calculate your own immunity score. After that, we will share 3 steps that you can start doing to increase your immunity score to 8.

8 signs of good immunity

  1. daily bowel movement
  2. no excess weight
  3. clear skin
  4. absence of laziness
  5. strong sense of hunger
  6. deep sleep
  7. no pain in the body
  8. positive thoughts

Today I am dealing with the 5th point – strong sense of hunger. Yep, I am very very hungry but feel happy about that. And as an assistance from Nature – Ekadashi day is right now.

3 steps to increase the immunity score

Within a week I followed the instructions from Satvic Movement and here are those tree important steps to improve your immunity:

  1. Eat your dinner before 6 pm
  2. Eat only fruits for breakfast
  3. Eat only one-grain meal a day


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  1. Boost Your Immunity in 3 Steps + Find Out Your Immunity Score! by Satvic Movement on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plVarNmYdwQ

Cover photo from the post about Celery juice by Dr. A. Palatronis

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