Fresh grape juice – a beverage of joy before it sours / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 167th.

Have you ever tried a fresh grape juice? Not “organic, not “natural”, not “100% natural” bottled surrogates, but the real freshly made grape juice?

I tried it. I was in heaven. This is the drink of heaven, the true taste and goodness. This is a bliss

Sorry for all the wine lovers, but after I tried for the first time in my life a fresh grape juice, I realized – wine is just a canned fermented by-product of a real beverage – fresh grape juice.

We are used to consume canned products, – wine is one of them.

Sometimes we find ourselves never been tried a real food, food of Nature, food of Gods…

Important to know:

  • Freshly squeezed grape juice is not a substitute for wine, taking it with meal of having fun in a company. It is a separate meal, taking to the next level of joy to be a human being

Fresh grape juice is a separate meal, taking to the next level of joy to be a human being

  • For true meat-eater – that would be a good idea to dilute it with water 1:1 (for example, 100 ml of fresh grape juice and 100 ml of water) and drink separately from ANY other food or drinks
  • According to prof. A. Ehret (1866-1922), fresh grape juice is a powerful mucus diluent and could cause unpleasant reactions (diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting, headache) in a mucus-full body. We have a mucus-full body by consuming meat/dairy/egg/fish/flour products, especially by consuming an animal-based food (1).
  • You may find one of my posts about mucus-in-body interesting to read: Prophylactic self-isolation for mind and body purification. Day 35th.


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