2-ingredient broccoli salad / Prophylactic self-isolation series / Day 160th.


According to Prof. A. Ehret (1866-1922), one should eat as simple food as possible, mixing not more than 2-3 plant products for a dish. And that should be a whole breakfast, lunch or dinner – just a dish consisting 1, 2 or maximum 3 plant ingredients.

Re-discover simple things –

easy, natural and tasty in 5 minutes

I have made my efforts to find some good tasty combinations, and here we are – a delicious 2-ingredient salad for lunch (or dinner) is ready!

Just Broccoli and Pineapple in this Salad!

Two ingredients for vibrant, easy to make, and easy to digest salad!

The benefits of 1-2-3 ingredient dishes:

  • saving time for shopping, dish preparation and cleaning afterwards
  • facilitating digestion
  • light, well feeling in a whole body
  • energy boost – no need for stimulants!
  • satisfaction in regards to a taste
  • nourishing a body with the vibrant live vitamins and minerals
  • money-saving on food!

Really, well-being of a family budget could manifest if eating according to the laws of Nature – fresh, organic, plant based food in its raw version, in mono-meal, or maximum 2-3 ingredient meal

These days an ordinary civilized human being eats too much, and most of the time too much of junk… No way to nourish a soul and body in such a way.

On the other hand, by posting delicious looking photos of fancy dishes, we used to forget about those who have only a chance to watch on internet, but do not have a chance to prepare this or that dish, because many of people on this planet are still poor or hungry day by day.

I wish to discover more new tasty recipes that could be as simple as possible – 3 plant-based ingredients max!

This challenge to use max3 ingredients in food preparation could be helpful in many different ways! Give it a try:)


  1. for warm days to refresh the body

Before you start:

Passive timeactive timeequipment neededservings
05 minfood processor (or sharp knife)2

broccoli150 g0.3 lbs
pineapple350 g0.8 lbs
List of ingredients for preparation of Broccoli/pineapple salad

Abbreviations and their meaning

Tbsptable spoon
tsptea spoon
cupUS measuring cup, equal to 240 ml of water

How to make it:

  1. Chop broccoli segments in a food processor or with a knife to make small tiny pieces
  2. Cut pineapple rings into small cubes
  3. Mix both ingredients together. It is ready!
2-ingredient salad – just broccoli and pineapple!

Important to know:

  • This salad is not a side dish to accompany cutlets, this is a separate lunch or dinner, as you wish
  • For an absolute meat/fish eater, any fresh fruits could provoke indigestion, heartburn, bloating and gas. This is not a fault of the fruits – this is a consequence of a severe mixture in a stomach and intestines – rotting meat blocks the paths of elimination and fruits start fermenting (like making a dangerous wine inside a body)
    • for meat/fish eaters – that would be a good idea to start with a small portion of this salad, but still, eating it as a separate dish. Separate dish means 2-3 hours before or after any other food
  • Chew chew chew swallow swallow swallow


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  1. Mucusless Diet Healing System, the book by Professor Arnold Ehret

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