Prophylactic self-isolation for drawing, creation and inspiration. Day 156th.

Here is how i have completed the exercise from the online course on illustration techniques by the painter and illustrator Adolfo Serra:


To exercise the gaze there is only one formula … Look

The task: Go out every day and look for what excites me. For example, only take pictures of one-color objects, animals, buildings, sunsets, reflections, etc

As I still have not created my Instagram (shame on meJ) to upload tons of photos, here are some pictures how I completed the task. Actually, many of us are doing this constantly – exercising the gaze, we look, capture and make photos!

How I completed the task:

Green objects in Nature:

Blue objects in cities (current photos and from before):

Body purification. Day 35th.

Something thrown away:

Applause! 🙂

Photos by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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