Prophylactic self-isolation for litter appreciation. Day 155th.

Pigs litter

Are those who litter really pigs?

Well, those who care about Nature, who constantly collect plastic/other trash from seashores and river banks, from forest paths, who practice recycling/reusing/restoring principles, who educate themselves and others to treat the environment consciously, – those would agree that time to time a feeling of anger and bewilderment in regards to “those pigs who litter” is alive. Yes, it is.

You put your good willing and physical efforts to clean Nature because it is the Home, you put the efforts to clean your forest path or your favorite beach, and then again, after a while – someone left his/her garbage just right there. What is the reaction? Yes, it boils inside.

From the other side, I always remind myself:

“The perception of life is as looking to a mirror – what I see in others is actually me, because what I have ever seen is only my reflection in the mirror, and my reaction on it is obviously just a friendly piece of advice for myself to improve.

by Dr. A. Palatronis

OK, so I (you) thought that those who litter are “pigs”, am I (do you) a pig now??? And why???

I am not going to acquit any “pig” here, but here is a list of the reasons WHY?, a deeper perception of humans’ behavior WHY WE LITTER. In fact, there is a list of reasons WHY those who clean Nature plots constantly observe that trash there.

WHY the Nature plots are contaminated with plastic and other trash?:

  • Unconscious behavior while “relaxing” in Nature
    • Some people really even not thinking to gather their rubbish after “relaxation time”, others call them “pigs”
  • Alcohol consumption
    • After some alcohol is consumed, it is hard to orientate in space and you are talking about clearness, come on! Drunkenness is a painful wound of so-called “civilized” societies. Nature contamination by drunk people is just a tiny part of all that harm which is happening (car accidents, violence, broken life…)

  • Parties in Nature till midnight
    • If a party takes place till twilight, yes, that is hard to see your own trash around in dark
  • “This is not my garbage!” syndrome
    • Others could “relax” in Nature just on a garbage. How many times we see people sitting on a bench while lots of plastics are flying around, or solo persons are fishing while lots of garbage is there around, or lovely pair of young people listening music while candy wrappers, disposable cups, covers or straws are accompanying them in a light wind vortex nearby.  Many times I ask people: “Is it yours?”, and the honestly answer, with big eyes of innocence: “No, it is not mine”. So, it means “I am not guilty, it is someone else’s”. Come on! This syndrome is spread around widely, the syndrome of unhealthy society, sorry guys, it is true…
  • Trash was blown away accidentally
    • Even those who care about Nature could confirm – sometimes this or that could be blown away just by accident, with no any bad purpose, it happens
  • Putting garbage into overflowing garbage container
    • One thinks he/she is already conscious and put a trash into nearby garbage container, but overflowing container. One thinks the mission is completed once he/she carries the garbage in the direction towards a bin
Familiar view, isn’t it?
  • Overflowing containers stay there until another day (at best), sometimes they could stay there like this for few days or even more
    • While staying there overflowed, the wind is doing its job. And what about is that night or early morning was a hurricane? strong wind? Storm? Other long-duration wind?, – all the trash would be blown away all around in Nature spots, seashore, river/lake banks, etc
  • Poor management of schedules for maintaining clearness by municipal organs
  • Overflowing containers stay there until another day…
    • and wild animals and birds “discover” them as a source of food, lots of time spreading the garbage all around
Wild animals are already addicted and sick form the food garbage we left there
  • My P.S. Homeless people also searching for food in the garbage containers, but, honestly, I have never seen that that would be done in unclean manner, never. My heart is shrinking to observe the real face of civilized societies (that is another topic), but those people never make a garbage bin looking more trashy after their visits. That is what I can confirm from my own observations over years
  • Non-digital advertisement boards – negligence of both sides
    • I lived in one small town for a few years, and there was a new rule established: “Those businessmen who hold advertisement boards should manage them properly, otherwise – big fines.” In a few weeks the town was clean from add boards rubbish by 100%, – nobody wanted to get that fine. Have you seen unattended add boards on the streets and along the highways?  Good source for municipal sector to collect money from those who litter indirectly!
Nice city view, isn’t it?
  • Fisheries
    • Do you like fish? I mean, do you eat it? If you think that those fishermen who cut their nets are those who litter, think twice. This is one of the bright examples of “look to a mirror first”. Fishermen are fishing, for the reason to sell the fish later, to sell it for YOU. Anyone who is consuming fish is indirectly contributing to the water contamination with Net pieces. Net pieces, in their turn, is a big concern for water animals and fishes, they get entangled in it and usually suffocated or die from severe wounds
Do you like fish?…
  • Consumption
    • Yes, global consumption of the import product. When goods are coming from far away, by sea paths, lots of trash from transport vessels is coming in huge amounts, constantly. So, this is a message for shopaholics and unconscious buyers, for those who indirectly contribute to contamination
Idle consumption. Photo by Pexels
  • Loving parents
    • These days it could be named “plastic love”. Parents love their children and willing to surround them with love – surround them with plastic: plastic balloons, toys, straws, spoons for ice-cream, disposable cups (even those which are “paper cups” contain plastics), wet napkins (with microplastics), etc
  • Relying solely on the producers
    • Honestly, those who prepare food at home have less trash after a party in Nature, but those who buy all the staff in supermarkets bring to Nature lots of packaging materials from each sort of the products
  • Littering on purpose
    • Some Nature territories are contaminated on purpose – the “good” plots are found, somewhere in a forest and litter in huge amounts is put there. This kind of activity comes usually from a construction sector, while building or reconstructing the object of a middle or small scale (big scale projects usually have a strict protocols for all the construction stages, while middle and private sector is less under control)
    • or thinking that throwing overboard solves the problem. Once we have found the barrel from petroleum products on a beach, and a few gallons from similar products just like this
  • Littering was not littering – just a consequence of inexperienced enthusiasts
    • Once we walked along the wild beach and collected plastic trash. After ten kilometres or so, we found a big bag of all sorts of trash, after few hundred meters – one more, and one more later. My mind was boiling: “How come? Why they leave their trash just like this?” Later, the clear mind showed me the answer: “There were enthusiasts cleaning the beach, however, the bags they used for collecting plastic were too big in volume. In a bag of big volume lots of trash could be collected – that results in heavy, unbearable load. More so, it is hard to walk with heavy bags on sand, more so, on a wild beaches there are no any trash containers where to discard the collect garbage”. So, we actually found a footprints of inexperienced enthusiasts, who were cleaning the Nature as we do. P.S. We gathered all that collected but not discarded trash properly, and we managed, because there are tips and tricks how to do that (in another post later)

Throwing overboard is not a solution, it is contamination

Dr. A. Palatronis

Well, there could be many thoughts and indictments, but first of all, look yourself. Measure your own contribution to the huge pool of plastic trash

Measure your own consciousness before judging others

Measure your own consciousness before judging others

Images © Dr. A. Palatronis

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