Mango-in- curry chutney



  1. for warm days to refresh the body
  2. for cold days to warm the body

Before you start:

Passive timeactive timeequipment neededservings
4-8 h15 minblender2-3

In this recipe passive time is needed to soak sunflower seeds

PASSIVE TIME is time before, during or after food preparation when nothing should be done, just waitingsoaking, sprouting, cooling down, freezing
ACTIVE TIME is factual time spent in a kitchen for preparationcutting, washing, boiling, crashing, mixing
EQUIPMENT NEEDEDspecific kitchen equipment, if not counting regular tools like pots, spoons or knifes

mango fruit, fresh150 g 5 oz
sunflower seeds60 g1/2 cup
agave syrup (optional)30 g2 Tbsp
orange juice (optional)50 g2 oz
lemon juice10 g1 Tbsp
salt1/2 tsp1/2 tsp
apple cider vinegar1 tsp1 tsp
green or white pepper corns1/8 tsp1/8 tsp
chili or cayenne powder 1/8 tsp1/8 tsp
curry powder2 tsp2 tsp
For serving:
buckwheat crisps
butter lettuce1
radish or beet sproutshandful
List of ingredients for preparation of Mango-in-curry chutney

For note: 150 g of mango is approximately a half of a big mango fruit

Abbreviations and their meaning

Tbsptable spoon
tsptea spoon
cupUS measuring cup, equal to 240 ml of water

How to make it:

  1. Soak sunflower seeds for at least 4 h or overnight
    1. After soaking, pour out water – you will see the outer thin shells of the seeds are there. The goal is to remove as much of these shells as possible.
    2. Roll sunflower seeds between the fingers slowly, firmly, but gently
    3. put a colander over and empty a bowl
    4. add water again to cover the seeds twice and pour water through a colander again to catch the shells. Discard the shells and use cleaned sunflower seeds later
  2. Add in a blender cut mango (without its seed, of course) and all other ingredients, including soaked and exfoliated sunflower seeds. Do not add buckwheat crisps, butter lettuce and sprouts – they will be used for serving
  3. Blend all the mixture in a blender well for 1 min
  4. Serve on a buckwheat crisps and garnish with butter lettuce leaves or sprouts. Enjoy!
Mango-in-curry chutney on a buckwheat crisp, with fresh herbs!

Important to know:

  • The consistency should be not runny. If it appeared to be runny – add some milled sunflower seeds
  • This chutney could stay in a glass jar in a refrigerator for 2-3 days

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