Prophylactic self-isolation for face/body cream preparation. Day 149th.


First version of this my-made face/body cream you can find in the other post Prophylactic self-isolation for body purification. Day 20th. The cream is made just of two ingredients – shea butter and coconut oil, – but the procedure to make it is important, so, check it out!

The version in this post is similar, but instead of shea butter we will use cacao butter. Why? Because:

  1. cacao butter has its natural sun protector ability, because of the antioxidants. Few published studies indicate a potential photoprotective activity of cocoa polyphenols, and their ability to provide increased blood flow helps the skin restructure and improves the overall appearance of the skin (1, 2, 3). Good for summer time, isn’t it!
  2. one of my friend has told me, she does not like so much the smell of shea version (but for me it is ok). People are different, not a surprise that the senses and preferences could differ too! Hope she would like the version with cacao butter more:)

Know the names!

Cacao (butter) in Latin: Theobroma cacao L.


  • cacao butter, 100 g
  • coconut oil, 100 g

How to make it:

All the steps for the cream preparation are the same as for Shea butter/coconut oil version. Check it out!

Mixing the ingredients for the cacao butter /coconut cream

Important notes:

  • No essential oils and no mica is used for the cacao butter/coconut oil version
  • apply the cream on a slightly moisten skin – then it comes as smooth and easy to apply


  1. Monico G, Leo M, Ma B, Johal RS, Ma T, Sivamani RK. The use of botanical products and vitamins in sunscreens. Dermatology online journal. 2015;21(11)
  2. Dióxido, Comparação de Protetores Solares Contendo, De Titânio Associado Ou Não, A, De Cacau M. Comparison of sunscreens Containing Titanium Dioxide Alone Or In Association With Cocoa, Murumuru Or Cupuaçu Butters

Photo by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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