Prophylactic self-isolation for sense of fear moderation. Day 147th.

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Not only love, but fear is everywhere: external, artificially created, internal, unknown by source, big and appearing as a panic, or tiny, which is not seen for anyone around, but just sitting and trembling one’s body and mind from inside, any fear.

However, one could surrender to fear, living in stress and restlessness, while others are stable and peaceful whatever goes around. Where is the root for the answer, why?

Here is the formula which I developed for myself by myself – four (4) components to drive out any manifestation of internal or external fear, such as anxiety, stress, worry, concern, panic, distrust, doubt, etc., etc. …

I am here to share the formula to drive out (any) fears with you, I am sharing with everyone who is reading it right now

The formula to drive out (any) fears:

  1. strengthening Root Chakra
  2. wake up early
  3. meditation practice
  4. refusal to consume flour-based products

Don’t think I am perfect in the process of driving out fears, but I do my best, and sometimes even more, again and again:) Never give up and continue

1. Strengthening Root Chakra

Among 114 of chakras, one of the fundamental – root chakra, or Muladhara, – is located between the anal outlet and the genital organ. In yogic teaching, it is seen as a foundation of physical body (1).

Trees and their reflection in water. Where are the roots? Drawing (ink technique) by Dr. A. Palatronis on

Physical existence is primarily dependent on:

  • food we eat,
  • sleep and
  • a sense of self-protection.

Let’s talk about sense of self-protection only

A sense of self-protection is connected to adrenaline release and necessity to act – either run or fight. In a modern society we are so civilized, educated and restrained by a society’s “norms”, that one could hardly imagine him(her)self running or fighting in front of daily stressful situations.

In a modern society we are so civilized, educated and restrained by a society’s “norms”, that one could hardly imagine him(her)self running or fighting in front of daily stressful situations.

We rather burn from inside, but… for what?…

Dr. A. Palatronis

What happens when one is not reacting as it was encrypted in genes? Adrenaline is still there, burning inside a body, and bringing continuous imbalance and destruction to the physical body’s system, day by day, month by month, year by year, life by life ,,,

What to do? If your daily sports do not include running or boxing – run or fight (remember?:)) – then think about reducing and controlling a release of adrenaline, think about bringing a balance to your Root Chakra: strengthen and unblock it.

if even stress is not your issue, then answer:

Being a civilized human being, how much hours per day do you block the Root Chakra by simple sitting? (driving, watching TV, working at work, drinking coffee, learning, reading, scrolling social media) …

Bring the balance to the Root Chakra and things like fears, stress, craving food, oversleep and doubts about all of it would go away

Dr. A. Palatronis

How to strengthen Root Chakra and bring it to balance?

Well, just copy the text “How to strengthen Root Chakra” and paste it to the internet search – all answers are there, the topic is huge.

One could strengthen Root Chakra by special food, wearing special crystals, making special yoga asanas (poses) or meditation, mantra, essential oils, colors to wear, etc.

Well, all these things took some time but still it is easy to eat, buy new crystal or new clothes with a particular color. Lets take it seriously and start from more difficult details to achieve!

From all of listed above, in my opinion, doing special asanas (yoga poses) is on of the primal to do, because physical body needs physical activity first.

Here I found some yoga poses (asanas) for balancing Root Chakra (external links):

Some of them I already do in the morning! What about you?

2. Wake up early

It is simple – while waking up early (earlier) one starts to have more time to do the things. More time for a daily routine or creativity – as you wish, as you need. Anyway, additional minutes or hour(s) give an opportunity to do everything slow(ly) – so, the stress feeling which usually comes from hurrying and provokes continuous fear conditions just goes away. Just like that!

3. Meditation practice

Meditation brings a balance to the Root Chakra, and much more. Start from 5 minutes per day, just like me. the most “simple” practices appear to be the most difficult, isn’t it so?:)

P.S. Up to now, my personal record is 20 min of meditation:)

4. Refusal to consume flour-based products

Fine (wheat) flour is one of the most unnatural product. It is even not a food, it is a product – something produced by human to human, not by Nature to human. And we are here to turn back to Nature, right?

On a spiritual level, flour-based products are interpreted as a food with a low vibrations. That means, by consuming flour-based products, all the low-vibrations, including fear, suffer and pain, are transferring to a body. Think about it.

That was hard, but I managed to eat my vegetarian pizza only after THE FIRST lock-down was finished (well, still addicted a bit to it). Somehow I managed to self-isolate myself from flour and fear inside it. BUT, No pasta at all

Already world-wide known story is about “fighting to get pasta” at a grocery stores during covid lock-down in early 2020. People were fighting to get more pasta or more fear???

No need to overfill yourself with flour, – the physical source of fear, suffering and pain.

Your bread is making me sick. I don’t have to eat it. I see it. Everywhere /…/ Always that round pebbly brown and beige crust. Rustic as fuck.

Soraya Roberts  (2)


  1. Body the Greatest Gadget by Sadhguru, 2019
  2. My Body Is Not a Temple by Roberts | Longreads | April 2020, available online on

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