Prophylactic self-isolation for drawing, creation and inspiration. Day 142nd.

Here is the exercise from my online course on illustration techniques by the painter and illustrator Adolfo Serra are completed:


All stories that a painting hides

The task: Choose the painting you like, the one which inspires you. Analyse the painting, the form, the composition, the technique, colors, context of the work…

Draw it by yourself, use different techniques, patterns, points of view, draw without thinking, let yourself go and feel.

How I completed the task:

  • Just few days before reading this task, I was turning over the pages of Picasso art works. One picture captured my sight. Can not explain why and how, but it went deeply in my eyes, I saw it in my imagination for a few days later, even without looking at it:
Young acrobat on a ball by Pablo Picasso, 1905
  • Best time for inner relax to complete the creative task was at 5 am: silence; intimacy with a chosen painting, white paper sheet and colors; the magic of arising day. I have completed ten sketches, but feel it is not yet enought:
Using extra charcoal pencils GIOCONDA 8811/2, 8811/3, 8811/4, charcoal pencils, soft pastel pencils GIOCONDA; collage elements (glued sea sand), rubber technique
Using soft pastel pencils GIOCONDA and rubber technique

Applause! 🙂

Photos and drawings by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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