Prophylactic self-isolation for my outer shell rejuvenation. Day 135th.

My outer shell contains of face/body skin and hair. And yours?:)

Here is more than the simple recipe to clean body/face skin and hair naturally!

Looking for a most simple shampoo formula? Here it is!


After few unsuccessful attempts to create my own naturally-based shampoo or to find absolutely good commercial version, I decided to simplify the task: that should be 1-2 ingredients, not more. How?…you would ask. Simple as that!

First, let me introduce those unsuccessful attempts of finding/creating shampoo:

  • commercial shampoo bar
    • I have tried two different products. One of them always left grease-white residuals (residuals form the shampoo bar ingredients as I understood) along each individual hair. Another made hair so electrically charged that each of my hair was looking as an autonomously broadcasting antenna, I’m seriously:)
  • commercial shampoos for babies
  • shikakai (Acacia concinna) plant powder
    • the plant is native to Asia. One may use it by mixing the powder with water to make slurry and apply to hair. In my experience if any drop of a slurry appears in the eye – it causes redness, itching and discomfort for a day. After the first experience I really refused the idea to repeat the same procedure again. Another thing – it makes hair looking darker. Shikakai powder by itself has a dark brown color. So, one could find it as a good way to tone the hair, or, contrary, to avoid the recipe.

Finally, I found something what makes my hair feel shiny, clean and soft, and the recipe is very simple – mixture of clay powder and water!

For some of us it would be nothing new, but do you know the exact proportion of clay powder and water to make a super good and ready to use Clay hair/face/body cleanser?

Usually, when it comes to powder materials, we hear: “mix it with water to get a right consistency, not runny, not too thick”. Honestly, I have never get the right consistency, it was always too runny or too thick.

So, I decided to measure the exact amount of water needed for clay powder, and the proportion is 1:1! So easy! Just mix exactly 100 g of clay with 100 g (ml) of water.

To note, shikakai powder reacts differently with water than clay. Clay is ready to absorb water and has no strongly irritating effect on skin as shikakai powder has.



white or blue clay, cosmetic grade100 g
water100 g (or 100 ml)
The only two ingredients for the Clay face/body/hair cleanser
Two ingredients for Clay-based body/face/hair cleanser

How to make it?

Simply mix clay powder and water by using a whisk

Perfect consistency of the Clay-based body/face/hair cleanser

How to apply it?

  1. Apply it in a shower to wet hair, massage gently from the hair roots through the whole hair long
  2. If some clay slurry is left, apply it to face and whole body
  3. Start from hair and apply slowly to whole body
  4. I use to switch out the water in a shower to complete the procedure, or one could back out a little bit from running water
  5. Massage whole body slowly and with pleasure, clay cleanser should stay on hair for 5-10 minutes
  6. Wash it out and enjoy the day!

Photos by Dr. A. Palatronis on

Important notes:

  • Do not apply Clay slurry on pubic hair, because for females in could cause temporary imbalance of vaginal pH. Naturally, vaginal pH is acidic (ph = 3.8-4.5), while any clay will always be on an alkaline side of the scale (pH > 7), because of the alkaline metals, like magnesium, in its composition.
  • I prefer while clay (kaolin) or blue clay, just because of inner good feeling while applying it, it is individual
  • Now I use this hair cleanser any time I am not on hurry in the morning (because the whole procedure takes 15-20 minutes), other days I use commercial baby shampoo which I found good for me according to the ingredient list
  • Another trick – I prefer white or blue clay, because the walls of my shower cabin are white – even if some dots will left they will be not extremely visible later!
  • Do not make this cleanser “in advance”, only make as much as you need for one time right now
  • For the Kare style haircut (like on the photo below) + body + face clay mask I need 150 g of clay (and 150 g of water, respectively)
Photo by cottonbro on

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