Collecting rubbish from Nature

What do people say / how they act when they see me collecting rubbish from Nature? Let’s explore!

  • Thank you!
  • Hello, thank you!
  • I would do the same, but my back pain does not allow me to bend…
  • Oh, do you get a cup of coffee for a bag of collected trash? I saw on TV some coffee houses offer this! //A lady was looking with a bit of jealousy to my trash bag as to a cup of coffee-for-free… I said: “I do not drink coffee”. After some time of the unproductive conversation (a lady was sure that my goal is to get free-cup of drink, not to clean Nature:)), I went away, pulling a full 15-liter trash bag further… //
  • Hello!
  • A guy caught up with us and wanted to give his empty bottle of beer // For a slightly drunk man we appeared as guys from a cleaning company. In the end, that is also a progress: even through a fog of consumed alcohol, consciousness for clear Nature woke up in a head of that drunk guy //
  • I usually do the same in a city, but today I am here just for a walk…
  • Do you have one more bag to share? Great idea, I could clean a seashore too!
Smart choice to spend time in Nature


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