Prophylactic self-isolation for emo-C evaluation. Day 133rd.

perilous games

Great way to stabilize a day. Great way to be OK

by Dr. A. Palatronis

Part 7 from X

About the balance between physical and emotional bodies

On the left:
Resting energy expenditure of organs
and tissues (1). “Other” consisted of adipose tissue, bone, skin, intestine and glands.
On the right:
Emotional needs to keep the body toned up.

Keeping physical and emotional bodies properly supplied with essential nutritious and “emotional”calories, contributes to a balance on physical and emotional levels.

As a result, it leads to self-satisfaction, better well-being and not overeating.

Well-feeling induces well-eating and one should work on it daily

Ingredients for Emotional diet (make it within the next 7 days)

ActivityWhat to do?DurationScore
Slow water drinkingDrink a glass of water in the morning, slowly while sitting and relaxing1 min5
One of the activities to increase emotional stability and well-feeling

Why drinking water slowly while sitting is so important?

BECAUSE the water is supposed to have the memory of the divine, supposed to be in touch with the deity and there is supposed to be memory and you take it and it’s supposed to work

by Sadhguru (2)

If water is being violently pumped and is travelling to your house through many turns in lead or plastic pipes, with all these bends and turns, much negativity happens to the water

by Sadhguru (3)

The reasons WHY by TNN (4):

  • According to Ayurveda, our bodies are designed in a way so that we get maximum benefits when we sit down and exercise our body
  • Standing up and drinking water makes the body out of sync with nature and triggers the nervous system, making it feel it is facing danger. The nutrients really go waste this way and your body is bound to face stress or any tension
  • When you stand and drink water, it travels through the system really fast and you risk your lungs and heart functions. The oxygen levels also get disturbed this way.
  • Drinking a glass of water while sitting down, – ensures that the nutrients reach the brain and boost its activity
  • Drinking a glass of water while sitting down aids better digestion and ensures that you don’t feel bloated after having water
  • Drinking water while sitting passes through the regular designed track and ensures all the benefits are achieved in the organs: toxins go away, impurities are flushed out and your health improves overall!

The reasons WHY by Healthline (5):

  • General rule is that the kidneys can only excrete about 1 liter an hour. So the speed at which someone drinks water can also change the body’s tolerance for excess water. If you drink too much too fast, or your kidneys don’t work properly, you may reach a state of overhydration sooner

It is impossible” syndrome

Some continual phrases and comments-in-mind which block the perception of the well-being:

It does not matter for me, I drink water while standing all the time – nothing happened

The speed doesn’t matter – it will all end up in a bloodstream in about the same time

Perilous games. Photo by Dr. A. Palatronis on

I have no time for this yogi games. Those who write about drinking water slowly have never faced with the rushy reality

Have you recognized your statements?:)

Well being is right here, but very often we deny to accept it

Dr. A. Palatronis

P. S. Have not read about emo-C before? Here is the main info from my previous posts:

What is emo-C in a daily-life?  Emo-C is the “emotional calories” to feed emotional body
Why to apply emo-C in an every-day life?  Emo-C allows to reach inner stability and well-feeling. When we feel well, peaceful and stable, – there is no need to overeat or crave for food
 Could be beneficial if overcoming difficult daily-life or challenging life situations
 Helps to reduce stress, actually it reduces unproductive and destructive stress feeling and leads to the proper responses and actions when needed
What should be done to ensure emo-C consumption?  Emotional calories are achieved by conducting specific activities within a day. These activities contribute to inner stability, peacefulness and well-feeling
How much scores per day?At least 100 scores are needed to ensure day’s intake of emotional calories
Activities to ensure “consumption” of emotional calories  These activities are graduated from very easy and taking just a few seconds to do, to some-how difficult, new, challenging, surprising and taking up to 0.5-1.0 hour
 Should be conducted regularly within all the day  
 Start from one activity, maintain it within a week and later add one more, any of those which seems for you good enough to try  
Main information about what is Emo-C and its benefits to daily well-feeling

You can find my previous about emo-C here:


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