Prophylactic self-isolation for dinner preparation. Day 132nd.

Three steps – one dinner


Usually, I would avoid potatoes because it full of starch and gives zero energy to a body (according Ayurveda), but… baby potatoes are young and guiltless. Baby potatoes have very low amount of starch and therefore, in my opinion, are not harmful (or much less harmful) for energy loss. so, summer is a time to enjoy potatoes! (baby potatoes:))

dinner in three steps


Before you start:

Passive timeActive timeEquipment neededServings
Main information about preparation process

PASSIVE TIME is time before, during or after food preparation when nothing should be done, just waitingsoaking, sprouting, cooling down, freezing
ACTIVE TIME is factual time spent in a kitchen for preparationcutting, washing, boiling, crashing, mixing
EQUIPMENT NEEDEDspecific kitchen equipment, if not counting regular tools like pots, spoons or knifes


For step 1 (baby potatoes)
Baby potatoes (they are usually available only in summer time)10
For step 2 (garnish)
Onion 0.5
Ghee butter 2 Tbsp
Black and red pepper corns 1 tsp
Coriander, milled 1 tsp
Galangal 1 tsp
Salt 0.5 tsp
Green chili pepper 1
Garlic cloves 3
Green beans handful
For step 3 (salad)
Cucumber 1
Lettuce leaves handful
Red radish 10
List of ingredients for 1-2-3 dinner preparation

Tbsp table spoon
tsp tea spoon
cup US measuring cup, equal to 240 ml of water
Abbreviations and their meaning

How to make it:

  1. Step 1. Baby potatoes (only available at summer time)
    1. Cook baby potatoes in a steamer
  2. Step 2. Garnish
    1. Chop onion and stew it in a pan with a bit of Ghee butter or olive oil (I prefer Ghee) for 5 min
    2. Add black and red pepper corns, coriander, galangal, salt, chopped green chili pepper and stew for another 5 min
    3. Add minced garlic, stew 5 min more
    4. Cut green beans (without edges) into 2 pieces and add to the pan, add some water, close a lid and stew on medium-to-low heat for 10 min
  3. Step 3. Salad
    1. Chop cucumber and lettuce leaves
    2. Grate radish, leaving the ends of it not grated. No need to grate fingers!:)
    3. Mix all together. It is ready!

Important to know:

  • Grate radish, leaving the ends of it not grated. Yes, radish could be grated not in equal pieces, what’s a problem? The most important moment is not to cut the fingers with grater! When you mix a salad ingredients all together – the taste is the same, or could appear as more interesting
Cutting and grating veggies for the salad
  • Do not peel the skin of baby potatoes, just wash it thoroughly with water and brush
Baby potatoes in a steamer pot. Close a lid when cooking! It is open here only to make a photo for you:)
  • Follow a set of species in this recipe for not to make all the dishes you cook to taste similar
Tasty process:) I have bought my new high quality pan from a friend of mine. She has plenty of them, me – only one:) I like it, super good choice!
  • I was cooking this dinner yesterday. You see, all the ingredients are for one person, because… because I was fasting yesterday. So, the dinner was exiting, but not for me that time, I was fasting…:)

Photos by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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