Prophylactic self-isolation for cleaning Nature and recreation. Day 127th.

Another day in paradise…cleaning Nature

Cleaning Nature from trash and plastic garbage on a wild beach is one of the most useful activity that could be done.

Cleaning Nature is useful/healthy/good/valuable/effective, BECAUSE:

  • a body goes through an intensive physical workout
  • fresh air for several hours is guaranteed
  • connection with mother Nature is rebuilt, little by little
  • self-satisfaction (a great job done!) is guaranteed
  • safe social distance is guaranteed
  • mind and soul are getting cleansed too
Any plastic piece should be picked up, even tiny one if you noticed it:)

By cleaning Nature one could feel the power of him(her)self.

This kind of physical activity (cleaning Nature) is primarily done not for others, not for applause, not for appreciation by others, not for money or benefits.

Seems as a romantic party took place on a beach…

Cleaning Nature is done firstly for oneself – this is a kind of physical activity which brings you to another level of consciousness and self-satisfaction.

For any of us – his(her) surroundings is a wider perception of him(her)self.

BIG P.S. It does not matter whether the Nature’s territory “is mine” according to a passport or not. Nature is Nature. Nature does not know “to which country she belongs”. I mean, if one is abroad, the Planet is still there, the same, the Planet is one.

Plastic from the fishermen nets. We take out (fish) and replace it with trash

While standard workout in sport clubs, at home, or on a fresh air brings physical well-feeling only, physical workout with a purpose to bring a benefit for a wider perception of ONESELF, brings limitless well-feeling and connects oneself with the Universe.

Connect yourself with a wider perception of yourself and become limitless, become a Power.

Photos by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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