Prophylactic self-isolation for Planet’s hygiene appreciation. Day 114th.

For 30 days he wore every piece of trash he created!

I recommend this video for everyone. The trash we produce on a daily-basis is just something terrible. These days it is not enough just to sort plastic and glass properly…what about not to be the cause of the trash?..

For 30 Days I Wore Every Piece of Trash I Created by Rob Greenfield on youtube:

After I watched this video, I thought about my trash, what it would be what I wear on myself within 30 days?

Pour-degradable trash which I am creating within a month in 2020:

  • scotch of cardboard boxes from online purchases
  • plastic packages from vegan products like dried fruits and nuts (however, large part of those packages I used to use twice, trice or more)
  • once a month that could be plastic bottle of a shampoo (still using some commercial products)
  • plastic bags where I put compost which is going to municipal needs (because not all plant materials are appropriate for my home-made Bokashi compost)
  • some small pieces of plastic which are the part of labels when you buy new pair of socks or T-shirts (many companies use them widely)

For 1.5 years, I am trying !successfully! not to create these kind of pour-degradable trashes:

Tubes of a toothpaste BECAUSEI make my own teethpaste for teeth and keep it in glass or silicone refillable jars
Tubes of face/body/hand creams I make my own body/face/hand cream and keep it in the same plastic jar which is refilled
plastic bags for garbage bin BECAUSEI clean the garbage bin with water and soda, sometimes with vinegar, dry it and put some cardboard or piece of paper on the bottom.
Being a transitional vegan, our menu does not consist any meat or fish by-products, so the garbage bin smells well, not like a hell 🙂
disposable plastic bags we do not bring any single piece of plastic bags to home – all plastic bags which we already have serve us for long
coffee/tea cups for take awayBECAUSEhave my super cup with me usually or prefer to sit down in a coffee shop and have my tea from ceramic cup (without sipping plastics from “paper” disposable cups)
plastic straws any straws actually, they cause wrinkles to appear:)
plastic bottles for water BECAUSEI use my water thermos and Tupperware plastic bottles if the water should be in demand, just thinking few hours in advance and making small prognoses – lots of money saved!
dishwasher soaps one 0.5 liter bottle of such soap serves for us approximately for 1 year, if not longer.
We wash the dishes with hot water, and if the plates are greasy – first remove the fat with paper towel. However, our menu does not contain lots of fats, it is mostly vegetables and fruits, nuts, grains…nothing really fatty fat on a daily basis
plastic bottles of washing liquids for clothes BECAUSEI use old plastic bottles which have left after the last commercially-purchased washing shampoo was bought.
I make my own washing liquid from special soap flakes, which serves just perfect. Soap flakes, in their turn, are packed in cardboard boxes
List of items which I already not use on a daily basis for a year

Just thinking few hours in advance and making small prognoses – lots of money saved in regards to bottled water and plastic bags!

My fancy enamel cup (made in Czech Republic, bought in Romania:))

What about you? What would be in your trash package to hold for a month?

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