Prophylactic self-isolation for Nature-in-garden preparation. Day 110th.

tuber of sweet potato with sprouts in a hand with blue glove, on a black background

Update on sweet potato tubers, which have decided to grow further

In the previous two posts, on June 16 and May 4, 2020, the journey of sprouting sweet potato tubers had begun. These days, after 70 days of the initial immersion in water, I planted one richly sprouted tuber into a soil. You would understand what I mean just looking to these pictures:

Two sweet potato, fotosession

I need to say, on June 14, right after the second post about these tubers was published, I changed a jar for one tuber to a bigger one, because, well…if that would continue to grow like crazy (what actually have happened later:)), how I would take it out through a small neck of a jar? So, I thought in advance and made a right decision.

It could probably be the fact, that if I would just stay still and observe that tuber for a while, I would see by myself the process of growth – so fast it started to grow up!

What I made, I started to sprinkle the tubers time to time with a fresh water by using simple pulvelizer.

The longest sprout is 40 cm long

Two sweet potato tuber growing on the windowsill
The beauty of growing sweet potato

I already planted one tuber, gently covering the tuber with some thin layer of soil. The pot is 30-40 cm deep and wide enough for one tuber to grow and develop the new tubers (I hope:)) Two long shouts just disconnected from the tuber when I hold it, so, I stick them to the soil separately.

Long sprout of the sweet potato tuber

The soil is covered with mulch to prevent soil dehydration and burning from the sun (good thing I l’earned from youtube:))

I am a real city-citizen, knowing where are the main malls and squares. Where I should find mulch???

Even in the garden shops I visited there were no grass-based mulch as youtube shows – only pine bark in pieces. Well, the pet shop played its role! There are plenty of grass types for hamsters or other rodents, make your choice! I chose “Alpine grass” for my plants to cover :))

Planted, covered with mulch. Sweet potato is beautiful to grow:)

The second tuber is in a slowed down mode, so, it still on the windowsill.

P. S. When I primarily put the tubers into water, that one tuber was in a jar without any label on it (and probably got more sunshine to start sprouting – we see the astonishing result), while another jar was half-covered with a label (and now that tuber is slowly sprouting). Choose the jars without any labels, remove them, to maximize the free-to-sunlight surface for the plants you grow!

Let’s see how the sweet potato tubers (plants) will feel later!

Photos by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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