Prophylactic self-isolation for Sage tincture preparation. Day 107th.


“I like growing herbs, but what actually t do with them later? I do not need that much…”

my friend said me…

Here is a great idea for how to use sage plant after (or during) a summer season. Really, what could one make from sage leaves? The answer:

Air freshener! or Armpit deodorant!

100% satisfaction and less chemical additives in your space. Sounds great, isn’t it? Home-made sage air freshener is a great tool to neutralize an air in a toilet! Self-made sage deodorant is a great alternative for commercial products with long ingredient lists!

Know the names!

The name of sage in Latin is Salvia officinalis


Sage freshener or Sage deodorant – as you wish. Composition


Dried sage leaves 50 g
Ethanol 70°500 ml
Ingredients for sage tincture preparation

The ratio of sage dried leaves to ethanol should be 10:100

How to make it?

  1. Cut the stems of sage plant, bound them together and let to dry indoor for few days
  2. Remove dried leaves from the stems
  3. Mill dried sage leaves in a coffee mill or shred manually into small pieces
  4. Transfer milled leaves into a glass bottle or glass jar with a wide neck and add ethanol
  5. Mix gently and let it stay for 7 days in dark cool place like a draw (no refrigerator needed, it should be just a place away from heating)
  6. During these 7 days, mix the mixture gently time to time to ensure better saturation
  7. After 7 days, strain the mixture through gauze cloth
  8. Keep the ready liquid in a clean glass jar or bottle, and use small amounts to fill in a sprayer

Important notes:

  • Sorry guys, not possible to convey odor online! Sage smells amazing!
  • In pharmaceutical science, sage is known as antioxidant and antimicrobial agent. One encyclopedia describes sage to be useful for treating bad smell of armpits (according to folk medicine). Sorry guys, no reference here I just know it because I read about it years ago:)
  • Some sources recommend to burn dry sage leaves to clean the air (1). However, preparing a tincture has its big advantage: the procedure is safe if compared with “burning” method. More so, you make it once and it lasts for month(s).

“Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a person, group of people, or space and of getting rid of unwanted spirits. The practice dates back to prehistoric times and it’s been documented as having been used in every corner of the world by our ancestors.”

How to Energetically Clear Your Space With Sage (1)
  • In pharmaceutical science, the ratio of herbal material and ethanol is important. Herein, the ratio 10:100 is a golden standard (however, with some additional conditions which are not mentioned here)
  • In pharmaceutical science, the procedure of saturation of ethanol with herbal material is called maceration extraction. It is conducted at room temperature and assume immersing a plant material in a liquid. A plant material should be cut into pieces to ensure better extraction
  • Thinking on how to dry the leaves? Here is a simple way to do it:
Drying sage leaves


  1. How to Energetically Clear Your Space With Sage by Brook Bobb on

Photos by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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