Prophylactic self-isolation for face rejuvenation. Day 93rd

Instead of all the possible make-up removers – use this simple method!


Face skin rejuvenation starts by itself, repeatedly, again and again, during night time. Face skin should be clean – that is all what needed for skin to be well-looking.

So much is already said about coconut oil and its benefits for skin. Lets make it real!


Set for face cleaning: cotton pads, coconut oil, cotton face towel. Photo by Dr. A. Palatronis on


  • coconut oil
  • cotton pads
  • small face towel
  • warm-to-hot water (40 Celsius degree)

How to clean the skin in the evening?

  1. remove skin impurities and make-up by using cotton pads with coconut oil on it
    1. for eye make up: close the eye, apply cotton pad with coconut oil to the eye, count till 5 and wipe over the eye gently
  2. wipe gently with cotton pad and coconut oil all the face and neck skin. It is all greasy now, right?
  3. soak a face towel in warm-to-hot water (40 Celsius degree only!) and wipe the skin firmly but gently to clean all the coconut grease
  4. spray the skin with spring water, rose water or just purified water for refreshment

Important notes:

  • Warm-to-hot water should not burn the skin, I choose the temperature which is not warm for the skin, but a little bit hot to touch. A little bit. Take care!
  • Use warm-to-hot tap water or purified water which was warmed up
  • Use organic cotton face towel
  • In general, this is a good way to avoid additional chemicals on the skin and inside the body, because everything goes inside, but nobody tracks that steps…

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