Prophylactic self-isolation for marinated mushrooms preparation. Day 83rd.

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The passion for food is deep and strong, passion for tasty food is unlimited. Here is one of the “I can’t stop eating it” recipes. Marinated mushrooms prepared in hours and eaten in minutes!


The passion to go deep into a structure of words sometimes bring funny conclusions. For example, the word “mushroom” for me consists of two words: first one is “mush”, which means “a soft, wet, pulpy mass”, and second one is “room”. So, my unofficial version of the origin of the word “mushroom” is just a room for a soft pulpy mass. Funny, isn’t it?:)

"mush" - "room"

Know the Latin names!

Widely cultivated and well-know type of mushrooms is Agaricus bisporus

Mushrooms Agaricus bisporus. Photo by Emma Jones on


Passive timeActive timeTime for cleaningServings
5-6 hours20 min5 min2-4
Main information about preparation process
PASSIVE TIME is time before or during food preparation when nothing should be done, just waitingsoaking, sprouting, cooling down, freezing time
ACTIVE TIME is factual time spent in a kitchen for preparationcutting, washing, boiling, crashing, mixing
TIME FOR CLEANINGkitchen equipment cleaning after food preparation


Ingredients for marinated mushrooms. Photo by Dr. A. Palatronis on
Mushrooms Agaricus bisporus1 kg
Olive oil200 ml
Apple vinegar100 ml
Salt3 tsp
Sugar4 tsp
Black pepper seeds10 pcs
Allspice seeds10 pcs
Bay leaves10 pcs
Garlic6 cloves
List of ingredients for preparation of marinated mushrooms Agaricus bisporus
tsp tea spoon
pcs piece
Abbreviations and their meaning

How to make it:

  1. Wash mushrooms and cut them into 4 slices along
  2. Peel and mince garlic
  3. Put into a pot (capacity 2 liters or more) olive oil, apple vinegar, salt, sugar, pepper, allspice and bay leaves
  4. Bring the mixture to boil, but on a low or medium heat. The mixture should not be crazy boiling, just catch first bubbles and
  5. Add minced garlic first, count till 10 and add mushroom slices. No way for garlic to over-burn!
  6. Cover a lid of a pot and bring the mushroom-in-marinade mixture to a boil (that will take approximately 5-7 minutes), again, on low or medium heat. Do not allow the mixture to get crazy with boiling bubbles!
  7. Mix everything time to time and you will see that the excess of liquid will appear in a pot, as mushrooms will release their water content
  8. When the liquid will start to boil, let it boil slowly for 5 minutes
  9. Remove a pot from fire and let it cool down for 1-2 hours with a lid open
  10. Transfer marinated mushrooms with marinade into clean and dry glass jars (0.2 – 1.0 liter size, as you prefer)
  11. Let the jars stay in a refrigerator for at least 4 hours or even overnight
  12. Serve with a piece of rye bread. It is ready!

Important notes:

  • Marinated mushrooms are good to eat within 7 days, if prepared according to this recipe (in my case, they never stay longer than 2 days, just crazy tasty:))
  • Be sure not to overcook garlic, it should not turn brown after adding into hot oil-vinegar mixture
  • All the procedure of boiling should be very moderate boiling. The idea is to keep it lightly boiling but not crazy boiling. Why? Because crazy boiling affects negatively nutritional value of vegetable oil and mushrooms and could be even not health-beneficial
  • Let the mixture cool well before putting it into a refrigerator – that would allow to avoid condensed water to flow back to the top of marinated mushrooms, also, hasty changes in temperature lead to food nutritional destruction and sooner spoilage, Be patient!:)
  • When taking marinated mushrooms out of refrigerator sometimes you could notice that oil has turned in solid – no worries – just let a jar stay on a counter for 30 minutes, oil content will return as liquid then.

Tag photo (marinated mushrooms) by Dr. A. Palatronis at

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