Prophylactic self-isolation for website transformation. Day 76th and Day 77th.

Dear readers,

You have probably noticed that the website by itself is even far away from being ugly duckling:) but now I am on my way for the infinite improvements. See you (write you) this Friday!

Today, on May 27 after this post will be published, and tomorrow, on May 28, you would see the cover on my website “Something new is coming”. That is because I will try to make the website looking better.

One important note for those who are getting notification to email every time when a new post is released: notification via email is lightweight version of a post. To see a post in all its beauty, with nice wide image describing each post and well-organised tables, if they are included, etc., you should click on a title link that will redirect you directly to my website (on most phone screens it is shown in blue color).

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