Prophylactic self-isolation for beach exploration. Day 73rd.

It’s not my garbage, but it’s my Planet

“Google” for this phrase on internet to see how many people care about our Nature, and our environment. Sadly, while lots of people are already conscious, others remain in “drunk” condition, escaping reality and thinking that someone else need to clean after them. Working in a farm, we all know after whom it is important to clean, right?…

Up to now, I am cleaning the Planet for more than 5 years, and literally it cleans my mind and body. For all those who carry about staying healthy and in-shape – start practice Nature cleaning to see how powerful is absolute devotion to Nature. It does not matter whether I am on vacations or at home, whether I am on a beach, or close to a river, or on a forest path. It is clean wherever I am going, my path is clean and healthy breathing.

On the wild beach, May 2020. Photo by Dr. A. Palatronis on

For many of us, it is already a rule and good habit to collect trashes after our own picnic, etc., and dispose it properly. But when a family member suddenly picks up not his trash on a way – other family members could overcome some discomfort and slight shock: “What are you doing??” Many of us, we still have that mentality that “I am responsible for myself only”. But…what if YOU are that ALL? What if YOU are all this Planet?

That is absolutely possible, but still not many of us are ready to accept that truth. But some of us do. Once in a regional train, a lady shouted on a group of young boys and girls who were rowdy and were littering right there on sits and carriage passage. She was shouted loudly requiring them to clean a space until that young band has lastly collect their garbage. I said to her “Thanks” after. I have not such a loudly forceful voice, but have a WORD, so I am writing here.

The traces that you leave on a life road are talking about you, even after years and miles away.

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