Prophylactic self-isolation for armpits observation. Day 67th.


I remember my first deodorant – I won it in a supermarket‘s lottery. From that first deodorant over the years, I have turned my armpits to all sorts of chemical tricks by using long-lasting, „the best“, „approved“, „natural“, „modern“ and „mineral“ deo/anti- perspirants. Till January 2019, I was a great fan of dry stick antiperspirants, because my daily rhythm was constantly calling for challenges at two jobs, studies, family and living place reparation. There was no time to be smelly:) Anyway, a few years ago I started to notice what I actually doing while laundering. I noticed that an armpit zone of shirt blouses quite often remained unclean after washing – whitish scurf on it was clearly visible. I said to myself:  If that antiperspirant cannot be washed out properly by one-hour washing machine program and more so, by using high grade washing means, how do my armpits actually feel? Always chemically unclean? Always fouled?

Featured image of woman’s armpit and breath zone. Credit: A.Palatronis (this blog author), collage with sea shell, drawing in soft pastel pencils

A few truths about armpits and how they breathe

Well-being of armpits is shown by well-being of a breast

Armpits are not something separate from the whole body, for example from a breast. We call it armpit just because we call it like this. However, armpits are not an individual but are a part of the whole body. The body as a living organism, any part of it is a part of a connected completeness. If someone is struggling from „breast issued diagnoses“ – look at your armpits first– are you sure they are ok? Why to wait for the diagnoses if the best cure is prophylactics and sophistication.

Visualization of woman’s armpit and breast elements. Painting with collage element. Polychromos color pencils; a sea shell is playing a role of a nipple. By Dr. A. Palatronis on

To shave or not to shave?

Shaved hair in armpit zone allow the chemicals of deo/anti- perspirants to penetrate deep, somewhere where they are not suspected to be at all. Have you noticed, if to apply an a/persipirant right after armpit shaving – there will be skin itching? It is because chemicals contact with open channels directly. No itching is observed if applying an a/perspirant later, but the chemicals (or natural chemicals) are still there, penetrating inside the body. Why? Because Nature created hair in an armpit zone to hold impurities, sweet and toxins of metabolism until we wash our body. By destroying this natural pathway of body defense and purification, a road in the opposite direction appears: now body’s impurities and toxins remain not eliminated and more so, all the knowledge of XXI century in the form of Mr. Antiperspirant comes to it. If there is no hair in the armpit zone – no natural defense is there. So, here, men are more lucky than women – they prefer not to shave armpits and be natural, therefore, protecting themselves unconsciously by natural instincts. It’s a pity, but need to say, in many aspects of self-hygiene, women have lost many natural instincts…

One more way to clog the body

Clogged by a/perspirants, pores of armpits cannot eliminate naturally formed impurities and toxins, so all the goodies stay in the armpits, in lymph nodes. Anytime an a/perspirant is not applied – a body tries to eliminate those naturally and unnaturally formed toxins first (1, 2, 3), which in their turn, become much more toxic because of forced accumulation inside pores. So, much possible that an unpleasant smell of armpits is an outcome of antiperspirant usage.

Another explanation of breastfeeding myth

There is a myth that women having many children have lower probability of breast cancer. But why? What if… while being breastfed, babies suck out all the pus and matter which is stuck in mother’s pores, lymph nodes and blood vessels of armpit-breast zone? The human’s mind could divide anything, even a whole body, but blood vessels and lymph do not care about these divisions in mind. Blood vessels and lymph are pumping all year round, and the mass of toxins accumulates in lymph nodes until it is not possible to carry more.

Garlic again

There is an evidence to state, that consumption of garlic, onions, and especially scallion, contribute to unpleasant, appealing smell. The same as Dr. Cassar says: “The more you put in – the more it comes out”. Stop eating garlic and onions – it contributes to nasty smell of a body (4)

You can rub a clove of garlic on your foot – you can smell it shortly later on your wrists. So it penetrates the body.

From Dr. Beck observations (5, 6)

Sport for health

Another astonishment is putting a/perspirants while intensive physical activity like exercising, running, even yoga. Yeah, I would say during any physical activity. The function of liquid going out from armpit pores (sweat) is to eliminate toxins from the body. What happens when all the blood flow increases tenfold, as well as mechanisms of metabolites and toxins elimination, but the doors of eliminations are closed? Closed continually, for years. Time to time I have been exercising in a gym (Although, I prefer fresh air). For my great:) fortune, once a man after his intensive exercising with weights passed by. I was standing there like in a fog – the smell of that body was awful, like concentrated sweat! From the other hand – you can pass by any woman in a sport club while she is doing sports – no smell, only pleasant aroma. Why? Because all pores are clogged with a/perspirants. That is the price we pay for socializing – the price of our body’s health.

Sauna for health

How about sauna while using antiperspirant with 48 or 72 hours action? When do your armpits actually have a time to function properly?

P. S.

Some times it seems I’m a little bit ironic in the descriptions, some times I’m laughing. But one should understand – I’m laughing loudly at myself, because I already pass through all those ways and mistakes. Take care.

To be continued…


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