Prophylactic self-isolation for easy skin alimentation. Day 64th.


– What are you usually doing with a butter package when butter is finished?

– Me? I transform it into a feet mask

The grandma of one my classmate, years ago, was looking younger than others. Her skin beauty was a matter of talks among all three female generations: us (teenage girls), our mothers and grandmothers. As being in good relationship with my classmate, I asked her to find out that beauty secret from her grandma. The secret appeared to be as much sensational as simple. Here it is: while cooking in her kitchen, the grandma was always putting any food on her face, like a “while-cooking mask”. So, if there was a bit of mayonnaise going for salad or potato puree – a drop of it would appear on her face as a mask, if that was a cream – it was going for a mask as well, right there with no specific preparations and rituals. Continuous for years “while-cooking mask” gave its results – the grand-ma was looking as a young-ma!:)  

These days I decided to renew the knowledge and put it into an action, because nothing works better than an action, a dynamic process of live and experience. I need to say, I found my way of “while-cooking mask” for not to spook relatives at homeJ Herein is the recipe of my “while-cooking mask” for feet, to make them feel nourished and shinyJ More so, it contributes to almost infinite use of the products, saving tons of money after years. Lets start!

Beauty. Photo by Karolina Grabowska on



  • Paper packaging for butter (when butter is finished)

How to apply it?

  • Take a paper packaging for butter and rub the remnants of butter into the feet
  • Let it stay for 30 min or more (depends just on your cooking process in a kitchen) and later remove excess of a “while-cooking mask” with a paper towel

Important notes:

  • Should also work well for feet if using cream, cow butter or Ghee
  • Margarine should generally be avoided, as for feet, as for refrigerator, as for cooking
  • Vegetable oil is not working well for this easy cosmetic recipe, because it is difficult to apply it on dry feet
  • Because butter packaging material is multi-layer and not 100% paper-made, apply it very gently to feet skin. Do not apply to a face skin for the same reason

Disclaimer and Usage Policy

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