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I am asking myself, was it really meat which attracted my mind and body for decades, calling for a new portion of chicken? Or maybe it was…just garlic, just salt, just onion, well-cooked and mixed all together? There would be almost zero of meat-eaters to eat meat without those few irreplaceable ingredients. I hear around me people are talking – they can not survive without meat products, they can not. How come that a human feels like addicted to food – meat? Addicted to it. The answer could be as simple as that – no addiction to meat does exist, any meat-eater could withstand without it as long as he wish to. Just leave his portion of meat without garlic and salt – you will see how that would be tasty:) And oppositely – put garlic in something absolutely new, new type of dish (vegan, vegetarian, as you wish) – you would see – your meat-eater would be there in first rows!

Garlic is a very strong nervous stimulant, not meat. If that is true, one could explain to himself the addiction and daily-demand to meat, which is actually addiction to strong nervous stimulants like garlic and onion. The need to consume meat for “renewal of body cells”, “proteins as a source of energy”, could sound anecdotally if not those “serious” talks about meat, but not garlic. This guy, Mister Garlic, was (is) a positive hero for decades to “help boost immunity, fight with heart diseases, flu, cancer, …” But what if he was (is) hiding behind the scene his other face, blunting a consciousness of millions?

It appeared that since ancient times, people of different nations around the world were continuously avoiding garlic and onion, or other plants of Allium genus (Latin classification), and even put prohibition on it. The active chemical compounds of garlic, allicin, penetrates brain barrier and confuses it.

The Taoists realized thousands of years ago that plants of the allium family were detrimental to humans in their healthy state. …

Reiki practitioners explain that garlic and onions are among the first substances to be expelled from a person’s system along with tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical medications. …

According to Ayurveda, allium family plants are harmful physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

An old Turkish legend explains that when Satan was thrown out of heaven, garlic sprouted where he first placed his left foot, and onions grew where he placed his right foot. …

How Onion and Garlic Ruined My Research by Goutam Paul, Sep 21, 2012, Aachen, Germany

If not garlic and onion, plus salt (even skipping all possible food additives of XXI century), the meat would not be anyhow popular or tasty for anyone.

For a transitional period back to Nature, as I had since January 2019, I left any meat for the past, and made a step in a new world of conscious and peaceful mind – garlic, and onion were there for a while, time to time they are coming back, but…no meat required by the body anymore because it was not a cause of addiction, but a cause of my ex-diseased body and mind.

Garlic in blossom. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

From personal observation

After eating raw garlic

  • sudden cloudy and slower thinking
  • diminished endurance while doing physical exercises
  • feel no power to do physical work
  • unnatural increased thirst
  • fell loud beatings of heart
  • offensive breath, feel uncomfortable if need to communicate
  • stomach stops working
  • burning sensation in a stomach, unpleasant brash

In medical terms “stomach stops working” is called gastroparesis, which is caused by stopped to work stomach muscles. Interestingly, when I feel rapidly diminished endurance and no power to do any physical work after eating garlic – that could be for the same reason – garlic causes muscles to stop working, any muscles like locomotory or smooth muscles of a stomach).

After eating raw onion

  • unnatural increased thirst
  • stinky sweat
  • offensive breath, feel uncomfortable if need to communicate

After eating cooked or fermented garlic and onion

  • unnatural increased thirst
  • slightly unpleasant breath


Foods that actually mess with your head on https://www.mashed.com/26985/foods-actually-mess-head/, viewed on May 2020

How Onion and Garlic Ruined My Research by Goutam Paul, Sep 21, 2012, Aachen, Germany

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