Prophylactic self-isolation for easy Napa salad preparation. Day 59th.


As green as possible! Evergreen easy cabbage salad could be prepared the same day when kimchi for the very simple reason: to make kimchi as good as possible, the exact amount of ingredients, including a cabbage, are required in the recipe. When buying Chinese (Napa) cabbage, it is obviously not the same amount as needed in the kimchi recipe – usually some cabbage amount is left (as well as in any other food recipes, right?:)). So, the good step is to use fresh Chinese cabbage leftover the same day for the delicious but easy 1-2-3 salad preparation!


Ingredients (for 2 big portions):

The ingredients for easy Napa salad
  • Chinese (Napa) cabbage, approximately ¼ pcs of a head
  • Short cucumber, 4-5 pcs
  • Green sweet pea beans, fresh or frozen (not canned!), 150 g
  • Cilantro or parsley leaves, fresh (cilantro is better!), handful

How to make it?

  • Wash and cut a cabbage, cucumbers and herbs
  • undefined In a bowl, massage cabbage shreds firmly and gentle for a minute, until you will feel some juice drops on a hand skin
  • If using frozen beans – first unfreeze it but pouring with hot water for few minutes and drain. If using fresh beans – just strip away the pods
  • Combine all the ingredients in a salad bowl. It’s ready!

Important notes

  • Some fresh alpha-alpha sprouts could be added – they go well in this recipe!
  • No salt or dressing is needed, because salt would only induce the extraction of cabbage and cucumber juices and make the salad taste watery
  • Only frozen or fresh sweet pea beans are suitable, canned beans would reduce juiciness and sweetness of the salad

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