Prophylactic self-isolation for happy salad preparation. Day 58th.

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How would you react if getting a cabbage and a bunch of lettuce as a gift? Yeah! Here it is, I’ve got it today while purchasing from the local farmer!

Butter lettuce, as well as beet tops, is something that you need to prepare and eat the same day. Young green cabbage could stay at refrigerator for longer, but butter lettuce is an emergency at a kitchen. Its leaves are so gentle and soft that standing in a refrigerator would not benefit to its freshness. SO, when you’ve got it from your local farmer:) or buy, make a happy salad the same day!

Butter lettuce, as well as beet tops, is something that you need to prepare and eat the same day

Butter lettuce and young green cabbage

And here the happiness just begins. Was already intended to make another kind of dinner, but a sudden gift turned my deal upside down:)

Thinking what to make from butter lettuce, I relied on my kitchen assortment and it appeared to be one of the best salads I’ve ever done! And me, and my family went into ecstasy, I felt like a cosmonaut in his cosmic ship under a state of weightlessness – so happy, light and delicious this salad is!

Ingredients (for 2 servings):

  • Butter lettuce, 1 head
  • Spring radish, 5 pcs
  • Dill, fresh, handful
  • Sweet corn, canned, 200 g
  • Beet tops, handful
  • Dries tomatoes in oil, glass jar, 150 g
  • Sweet chestnut, cooked and canned,150 g

How to make it?

Part 1

  • Wash, dry with paper towel and cut and mix in a salad bowl lettuce, radish, dill and beet tops
  • Drain liquid from canned sweet corn. The post describing how to choose the right canned sweet corn you can find here: Choosing sweet corn in a package
  • Add sweet corn to a salad bowl and mix together. The salad part 1 is ready

Now, avoiding a trite version of a salad, make an important addition, special top-rolls

Part 2

  • Take dried tomatoes out from oil and blend in a small batch jar of a blender, could add some oil from canned tomatoes, but not much
  • Mash chestnuts with a fork
  • Mix blended tomatoes and mashed chestnuts
  • Form a balls or half-balls by using a scoop spoon

Part 3

  • Put a portion of the salad on a plate
  • Put 5-6 tomato/chestnut balls on a top of the salad

Its ready!

I know what you are thinking:) Those balls look like meat balls, isn’t it? I would add more, they are much more tasty than meet and if to serve such salad to meat-eater – he would not find out the guile, a guile for lighter healthier dinner:)

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