Prophylactic self-isolation for Nature observation. Day 53rd.

The day of excitement, because the sweet potato tubers have just decided to reborn: one tiny thready root is visible on each of my two sweet potatoes. They we there on the windowsill for 3 weeks just staying in water, and here we are – the surprise! Congratulations, bravo:))

First root of sweet potato

How the first thready root of sweet potato came out?

  • Buy sweet potato on a market
  • Do not clean the tubers, they should be without any additional cleaning or washing with water
  • Put sweet potato tubers into clean glass jars (the jars should not be cleaned with any chemicals, including “natural” commercial products. Only soda and hot water for cleaning when you will use it for planting purposes)
  • Add purified (filtered) water to cover half of sweet potato
  • Let it stay absolutely calm for 2-3 weeks on a windowsill. P.S. My window is West-facing window. During this time I did not interrupt those sweet potatoes much: did not put the jars to another position, did not take them of to see how they are doing, just nothing. Let it stay calmly.
Let them stay calmly and peacefully on a windowsill
  • About water: just look time to time if there is enough water (half of my sweet potatoes are covered with water). Do not change the water: if your jar was clean and water not contaminated – than no troubles like bad smell should arise. The tubers should stay calmly in the same environment, to adapt themselves.
  • First roots should come after 2 weeks probably, but because I REALLY left them feel free and calm (I just forgot to look after it:)) – I notices those first roots only after 3 weeks. My both tubers have brought the first roots at the same time – right after those 2-3 weeks of staying calm in water.
Tubers of sweet potato in water

Lets see how they would feel later!:)

Photos by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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