Prophylactic self-isolation for body transformation. Day 52nd.

The body consists of 70 percent water. We agree with it when trying to put extra water by drinking, right? But what about the statement which is reverse-to-consumption? It appeared that the body does not demand much food in relation to Moon phases. I discovered it today, was little bit too late, because Ekadashi will end in few hours:) As the human body is composed of 70 percent water, it is affected during the moon phases.

The first signs that I have started to listen to my body needs, appeared last month, then repeated today. I just felt like a fool while eating, because I got full so quickly, just with few bites. I decided to read about it because I have heard about it:)

The toxins of the body, which are created due to the residue of the digestive process, should be cleaned regularly. During Ekadashi days, digestive process is even slower, so it is a time to clean the system and take a food break, not to engage in nutritional replenishing.

Ekadashi is much more than just body purification, but further, higher steps for spiritual growth and well-being are available only when the first baby steps are understood and completed. Next Ekadashi, Apara Ekadashi, will take place on May 17 (from 9am on May 17 till 11am on may 18). Hope to be there ready to go!



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