Prophylactic self-isolation for poem-to-color appreciation. Day 49th.

The shortest poem was written by Aram Saroyan. It consists of one word only, written in yellow on a white background:

The shortest poem, written by Aram Saroyan

About the shortest poem and other amazing pieces which can blow someone’s mind you can watch and read here:

(1) What is the Shortest Poem? By Vsauce, Jun 22, 2013. Web source:


(2) Brief Poems on

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than Nature’s piece?…

Tatra Mountains, Poland. July 2019. Photo by blog’s author Dr. A. Palatronis on

Inspired by the Artist of word, I wrote my own piece this morning. Actually, can I pocket it as mine?, because it just pass through me with the morning lighght, coming from the Cosmos and now rebounding on the Collective mind. Here it is:

The poem by Dr. A. Palatronis, this blog’s author

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