Prophylactic self-isolation for Earth Day celebration. Day 43rd.

From the 50th Earth Day to the 1st Earth YEAR

I wondered what is really Earth Day about? What is it’s aim? Luckily, internet gives us all:) According to National Ocean Service, Earth Day is dedicated for a healthier Planet.

While writing this post, the FB message caught my attention. The lady just shared her drawing -make every day-Earth DAY-. The same topic is going around the Planet, through our hearts and our activity.

Drawing by Heather Koch on FB group Discover 4ocean (shared in this blog post with the permission of the Author of the drawing)

Earth day (officially April 22nd) is a day to start or continue implementation of a couple of principles for co-living and protection of Earth (1) :

Reduce, reuse, and recyclecut down on what you throw away
Volunteervolunteer for cleanups in your community
Educatehelp others understand the importance and value of our natural resources
Conserve waterthe less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater that eventually end up in the ocean
Choose sustainablemake smart seafood choices
Shop wiselybuy less plastic and bring a reusable shopping bag
Use long-lasting light bulbsuse energy efficient light bulbs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Plant a treetrees provide food and oxygen
Don’t send chemicals into our waterwayschoose non-toxic chemicals in the home and office
Bike moredrive less

What if now it is a time to start (or continue) co-living with Earth, with Mother Nature, in mutual harmony and comfort each day of the 2020 year? What about that?

From the blog Author’s FB messages to friends about conscious daily activity, 2019. Less plastic!

These days Nature is recovering, Nature is reborning. Clams are dancing on a beach shore, deers are playing joyfully at the outskirts, turtles are nesting close to the Oceans, dolphins and jellyfishes discovering new ranges with clean waters, birds are flying into ecstasy, manoeuvring in the sky as the true pilots of air. Recently millions of these living creatures on the Planet have got the signal: “Lock-down is over for you, remove you fear masks and enter your real home – Nature’s vast“.

Friendly reminder for one cafeteria via social media that the Planet is not a place to litter, 2019. From the blog Author’s FB messages

These days many of us, humans, have reborn, recovered, renewed mentally, spiritually and physically at our true homes, homes which we have built or found for ourselves as a safe shelter.

The most hygienic cup is always with you, 2019. From the blog Author’s FB messages to friends

Every creature on this Planet is finally at their true homes. What if to be polite, and welcomed guest when entering homes of other living creatures? What if to guide and choose consciously the way we, humans, live? What if to implement honestly the laws of co-living with Nature? Each day, each moment of choice…

If you want to find a solution, you always find a way to find it:) 2019. From the blog Author’s FB messages to friends


(1) Protection Our Planet Starts with You, National Ocean Service,

The dove is sitting just close to me while I am writing this post:) April 24, 2020. Blog Author’s photo.

Photos by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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