Prophylactic self-isolation for Earth Day celebration. Day 42nd.

Gardening is a way to celebrate the Earth Day all year round

Gardening evokes us for co-creation of Nature

Gardening is a tool for wonderful and creative people to live in a harmony with Earth

Dr. A. Palatronis
Garden by Marylynne
Garden by Carmen

Gardening is one of the many ways to stay in touch with the Earth.

Garden by Raimonda
Garden by Emily

Gardening is one of the exiting and prolonged connection with Nature: once you started a plant from a seed – then the soil, watering, sun and shadow, the wind flow, insects and birds around, fresh air, leafs and roots, neighborhood… many things start to be important and worth of attention.

Garden by Ewa
Garden by Karina

Gardening is a way to celebrate the Earth Day all year round, to nourish and take care of Nature, a great feeling of being a part of it.

Garden by Alisa
Garden by Rututu

Gardening is a great way to feel great all year round. Honestly, I have never met a sulky farmer:))

Garden by Miguel
Garden by Simona

Gardening is a way to plant a tree. Trees provide oxygen to the majority of living creatures on the Earth, clean the air, and help combat climate changes

Garden by Sedef
Garden by Katerina

Gardening educates adults and children, brings the understanding of the importance and values of Planet’s natural resources

Garden by Joanna
Garden by Kirstin

Gardening puts our hands into a soil, a matter of deepest connection with our essence

Garden by Betty
Garden by Eva

Gardening is peaceful and made of LOVE

Garden by Olga
Garden by Tina

Gardening makes us wiser and gives a hope, a hope to see the flowers and fruits. With a practice by observation, watering, nourishing, just relaxing together with Nature, a hope transforms into a knowledge and self-confidence

Garden by Loreta
Garden by Bożena

Gardening is Nature at home. It tells us never give up and just grow, whatever is anywhere

Garden by Josipa

Gardening keeps us together, keeps us in a good mood, keeps us well and wealthy:)

Ladybird. Garden by Eva

Many thanks to all who made it possible for this post to be so beautiful and full of flowers!

Photos are posted with the permission of the photos’ authors. All rights reserved.

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